Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chapter 88: Give it a Chance

Milo returns to Starlight Shores with his brother, his sister-in-law, Ceth and Acheron, and two daughters instead of one daughter. He isn't sure where to put an extra bed yet.

While the adults scramble to purchase and put together more furniture, Orazia takes a solemn look around. This is where she will live now.

"I'll just get you enrolled in school here." Carlos types quickly, trying to ignore the sounds of arguing from upstairs as Ceth and Milo take measurements of the room Ceth has been using for her paintings.

Orazia fidgets nervously. Her uncle seems like the most level-headed of the bunch (she gathered this during the trip home, when he was the only organized one with all of their documents in hand), so she wants to take a chance engaging in conversation, but she can't quite think of how to word what she wants to say.

"Did you like your old school?" he asks, noticing her expression.

"I liked some of the lessons," she murmurs.

"Bet you're missing your friends..."

"I didn't have any friends."

"Well, this will be a new start for you then."

"I'm scared."

"Aw. Just try to, uh, be excited instead. Give it a chance."

"What if they make fun of my fingernails?"

"Make fun of their faces."

Orazia looks skeptical.

"Trust your uncle," Carlos insists. "Tell them their faces are terrible, with confidence."

"I'll try."

"We can practice it. I'm a bully. I just told you your claws are weird. What do you say?"

"Y-your face is weird?"

"With confidence."

Orazia tries to make her voice louder, "Your face is weird."

"Sit down. Be sassier. Your face is weird."

Orazia takes the seat opposite from him. "How long do we have to do this?"

"Okay, sooo... you all comfy?" Ceth doesn't like the idea of sharing what she has long considered her area of the house. A room isn't very private anymore if there's a kid's room attached to it, and there was nowhere else to put the drawing table.

"These sheets are soft," Orazia squeaks out her approval.

"Awesome. Yeah, just... uh... well, I guess you can use the table if you want, when I'm not using it."

"Really? Thank you..."

"I wanted to put you in the nursery, but your daddy thought that would be cruel and unusual punishment, so... uh... you are stuck up here with me for a while! Maybe we'll build on to the house when we run into more money."

"I've never had my own room before."

"That sucks. A lot." Ceth suddenly considers what things may be like for Acheron as he gets older, sharing a room with Fairuza. That might not be ideal. No privacy.

Orazia goes to sleep.

Travel has inspired Ceth to sketch some things.

 Fairuza wonders why no one has come to put her to bed.

Ew, what is this horrible creature invading the town in the middle of the night?

We can only hope it leaves and never comes back.

"So how are you doing with all this?" Carlos finds a moment to share concerns with his wife. "I need to make sure you're okay. I know you probably weren't expecting to share the house with three kids right off the bat. Ceth announcing her pregnancy on our wedding night was one thing... but now this..."

"It's okay," Lela shushes him. "I like children. I was even thinking about having some of our own."

"W-what?" Carlos is caught totally off guard. "Really?"

Etc.: Happy New Year! I could not think of a good transition between that "Really?" and more mundane things happening, so I decided to end the chapter! I am a great writer! WwooooOOOoo!


  1. Carlos is a wonderful uncle. He's teaching Orazia very, very valuable skills (well, skill). Ceth is probably the most suited for teaching sass, though.

    Yes! Lela and Carlos need to have a kid! Pretty please? :D

    1. Heir contest is between Fairuza and some unborn kid. Suspense!

  2. Orazia ;_; I really hope this new family can somehow undo the damage that has been done to her. The adorable girl deserves so much better.

    Lela has the right idea! If Carlos only knew how anxiously all of us have been waiting for him and Lela to have kids 8D

    Happy New Year! :D

    1. Carlos would be pretty creeped out to be on the Truman Show, lol.

  3. My stomach just kind of sunk at Ceth's words to Orazia. I know, it was minor and not meant badly, but the way she talked about wanting to 'put' the girl in the nursery, when that child already feels unwanted and a burden...maybe I am projecting, but I just felt so badly for Orazia in that moment. It's nice she's getting her own room for the first time, though. =)

    Yay for Lela & Carlos babies! You really are going to need to add onto the house, though.

    1. Ceth's first thoughts are always going to be about herself. Sadly Orazia is used to that kind of thing.

      I didn't plan to add on to the house, but it becomes clearer all the time that I reaaaallly need to. I hope I don't just make it ugly! I swore off making basements so I actually have to... *gulp*... build new structures...

      I could also just get them a new place, but I really like this one, lol.

    2. I'd be happy to help with the house, if you want. You could upload your house as it is now and I could make some additions. I'm very fond of that house, myself, and it's one of my favorite architectural styles to work on.

    3. Aww, that's such a kind offer! I've never uploaded a lot before. I'll see if I can figure out how that's done, then send you a message on MTS.

  4. Ehh it's fine. Carlos is the smart type who has nothing to say once surprised. Glad for this ragtag group of circus that is now the Goldbeards of Starlight Shores! Everyone's kidletts are so cute! :3