Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chapter 43: Save the Future

Reggie's niece revealed her supernatural nature to far too many sims. It required action.

Action of the memory-altering variety.

It's dangerous stuff. His mother taught it to him. She stressed that any screw-up could cause irreparable damage. That he's had to use it on half the town by now... well... it eats at him.

His daughters and nieces were away for hours. Students had seen them disappear into thin air. A teacher had seen Layla vanish, right out of her little child-sized desk. Word spread. It had to be contained.

Goopy GilsCarbo, now an elder, still dresses like he did when he was a teenager in Reggie's father's struggling band. Unfortunately Goopy's nephew Edward was attacked by a werewolf, so this old family friend gets his memory erased, too.

As if intentionally twisting the metaphorical knife of guilt, the newly oblivious Goopy goes to embrace Reggie in a friendly hug as he tries to leave.

"Boy, I sure do miss your father."

It should be punishment enough for Rain to see her own worried mother have her memory wiped, but it doesn't feel like it is enough. Rain's innate power likely would not have triggered today if not for how she'd been flexing the mental muscle, so to speak, for years, against his direct warning.

Words cannot express how upset Reggie is with Rain, so he chooses to say nothing.

Layla nearly died. And Layla's savior, apparently a homeless teen with a twin brother who looks nothing like her, is sleeping in a spare bedroom in Reggie's house. Cayenne isn't making herself at home so much as enjoying what little comfort she can before she must run again.

"And you say she is on some... quest," he quizzes Rain quietly.

"Lethe! They are looking for Lethe. And she said something about different timelines. Like, Luis knew me in one. I feel like she's right, and we're connected somehow." Rain realizes how crazy she sounds, but presses on, telling her uncle that these mysterious siblings are on a mission to find a weapon to fight evil and save the future.

"They didn't say all of that," Izalee hisses.

"I may have made some assumptions," Rain admits.

"I'm not certain they're siblings." Reggie is tired, physically and emotionally. His unwillingness to process the most important information in front of him leaves his mind open to picking up the finer details. "Cayenne is pregnant. Luis may be her boyfriend."

"Pregnant? How can you tell?" Izalee sputters. "How is that even possible? She's just a teenager... we don't... we can't... uh..."

Her father shrugs. He can sense the extra life trying to form. It's not there yet, it won't be a properly formed spirit for a long time, but he's watched the process twice now. He has two daughters. He knows what pregnancy looks like.

"You're suspicious about everything." No one noticed Luis wander up behind them. "Good trait to have."

"He is and he has reason to be," Izalee defends her father, spinning to face Luis.

Luis was able to help Rain focus her teleportation abilities enough to return to Monte Vista, from across the world, but Izalee doesn't seem very grateful. Luis likes that about her.

Etc.: Izzy knows teens can't get naughty without game mods.


  1. A/N: Teehee.

    Aw. Poor Reggie. At least Goopy didn't seem to mind too much.

    Reggie did indeed warn Rain. I still think she just needs to proper teacher to show her focus and control. Looks like 'Luis' figure that out though...

    Too bad suspicious isn't an actual trait. The animations, idles and interactions could be awesome.

    1. There is "perceptive" from Ambitions, but it's underwhelming, if I recall correctly. :(

  2. Haha, Izzy knows something's up there.

    It's understandable why Reggie's suspicious, and it must be rather tiring having something like that happen; it ain't every day when your daughter brings home two magic people and lets them camp for a while and who are also on a quest to find someone and talk about time lines and other magic-y things.

    I can't remember perceptive Sims doing anything all too interesting. I think it may be a few goofy idle animations with a magnifying glass (if I remember rightly), or something like that.

    1. I had a few sims in my Riverview legacy with the perceptive trait. I think you are right, all it did of value was give them some idle animations. Back then there were way less traits jockeying for my attention...

  3. Teenagers definitely can't get pregnant, that's just *impossible*. lol

    I like how "Luis" thinks highly of Reggie and Izalee's suspicions. It's a funny situation, and he'd be suspicious if he were in their position.