Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chapter 49: Unleash

Truly alive or not, Layla thinks Mech is super awesome and sciencey.

She has a while to go before she graduates from high school, but she is already plotting to go into a science career, like her father.

Reggie frets about his parenting skills. "Do you think it was wrong of me to place a toadification curse on our daughter?"

Perenna laughs. "Naw. I think it's hilarious."

"When do you think I should un-curse her?"

"Whenever you feel like she understands who the alphas in the house are."

Reggie shakes his head. Werewolf packs operate under very strange mentality. "Most children do not blindly accept that power equals authority."

"Most children don't sprout claws when they let themselves lose their temper, either."

After Reggie deigns to remove the curse, he teaches Lucida some meditative techniques, to focus her inner energies and whatnot.

He did not do this with Izalee because it reminded him too much of trying and failing so hard to help his little brother, Rohane. That feels like a long time ago, now.

Lucida thinks she's done a pretty good job remaining calm and zen, after that scare when she clawed up Edward GilsCarbo-Bianchi at school. She wishes her parents would recognize her efforts, instead of panic at every slip-up.

She finds far more peace in strenuous, distracting exercise than in sitting still and looking for her inner self.

Pump extreme iron!!!

Perenna allows Lucida to transform, under supervision.

Lucida's were form is a little more... monstrous, than her mother's, for whatever reason. She must be careful not to let anyone outside the household see it.

Mother and daughter do werewolf stuff together, such as show off their fangs... out aggression...

...howl at the moon...

...and hunt for interesting objects, using their paranormal senses.

Lucida wonders if they are Earth elementals of some kind, or something crazy like that. Why else would she be able to sniff out diamonds and emeralds?

Lucida has amassed quite a collection of gems.

Her other hobbies include cutting things up with chainsaws.

Lucida has been behaving, so she is granted permission to invite her boyfriend, Ben, to the Goldbeard house for the first time. He is impressed by the massive underground complex Reggie has built up underneath it.

"Those two are just my cousins from some far off boring town," Lucida has no idea how close to the truth it is, when she introduces Cayenne and Luis as distant family.

Introducing baby Ceth as Cayenne's daughter is a no-no, as that would raise too many questions, so Lucida claims the infant is "adopted".

Later that week, Lucida visits the Rossi place for the first time.

"Holy simoly," Lucida whistles. "Why did you think our basement was impressive, again?"

Ben's uncle Rafael and aunt Sera are swimming in the Rossi pool.

"Just ignore them," Ben advises.

The real attraction for Lucida is the tiny basketball setup the Rossis have.

So opulent! Best date ever, 10 out of 10.

Opulent lunch.

Later, Fun with dad.

Cousin Rain's synchronized yawning with dad.

After everyone is asleep, Luis picks up Scarlett's old guitar. There are so many memories left imprinted on it. So much travel, so many things learned about magic only to be lost...

Oh, and how to play. How to play a guitar is one of the more pleasant pieces of information Luis has unintentionally absorbed in his chaotic life.

Etc.: I did roll AWESOME! for gen 3, so that may involve a gemstone collection. I was skilling Lucida up in sculpting so she could get the special sculptor's egg cuts.

Aside from the unholy Lovecraftian monster that was the gigantic spire cut rainbow gem obtained in my Riverview legacy, the egg shape cuts are my favorites.

Look at that. I used to play with the walls down! Whoa.


  1. I love the egg shape gems best, too.

    Benino just seems to be one of those kids who looks prematurely 40. But, boy, those Rossis are rich. Fun fact: I went to school with several Rossi, none related. It was just one of those names we had in abundance (abbondanza in Italian, because I can)

    1. Hehe, I never noticed that he looked old, but that's just because I'm used to seeing him around actual adult sims. He looks so tiny in comparison. (:

  2. I don't think I trust Lucida with a chainsaw.

    I love the werewolf bonding pictures. And Lucida's collection is, well, AWESOME.


      (Not really. That was too easy. Going to have to grow that collection some.)

  3. The egg shaped yellow sapphire is awesome. Or is it a citrine? Whichever. Very pretty!

    Lol. You went through a lot of trouble with Perenna's werewolf form. But I bet Lucida will be fine being a little less pretty while transformed. xD

    Perhaps Ben was impressed because the family's worth is hidden underground? Still. He's sweet.

    1. *checks game* It is a citrine gem! (:

      Yeah, I did go through a lot of trouble with Perenna's werewolf form. I wasn't about to go through that again. x.x

      And yeah, Ben has never seen a massive basement complex like that. And it's hidden under such a normal, unassuming little Monte Vista house. (:

  4. Lucida looks so cute, all proud of her treasures! You always manage to display your collections so nicely.

    Loved those close-ups of Lucida's and Ben's faces. Lucida's eyes are so striking (and not just because of the color!) and Ben is really quite handsome. Hope we'll see some babies from these two - their genetics would probably mix well :D

    Layla is thinking of a science career, huh? A hint for her own legacy to come? Haha, I'm getting too obsessed with her :D

    1. Thanks!

      I rolled freelance scientist for Layla. HYPE!

    2. Yay! Freelance scientist is really fun with the UL science skill!

      Ok, this is totally random, but you once mentioned a mod that lets you ask other Sims to join at the bubble bar during Ceth's generation. I looked through your old legacy but couldn't find a link and my Google-fu failed me. Do you by any chance still remember where you found that mod or what it was called?

    3. I'm pretty excited, since I haven't tried much UL stuff yet.

      You can find the joinable bubble bar right here:

      I think you have to register with the forums to see the stuff on there, but it's worth it. I use several of twoftmama's mods, and there are other awesome modders' stuff there too. Just stay away from the "obsolete mods" section; leaving those in your game will break stuff from later expansions, and stuff like that.

    4. Thank you so much for the link, Becky! <3