Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chapter 44: Circle

Luis looks at the ceiling. "Normally she has the kid a lot later in life."

"You're on the run. Where did you start from, exactly?" Reggie inquires. "What of your parents?"

"Dead, but I'll see them next time around." Luis chokes up a little, making a low sound between a sob and a laugh. "It's okay. Really it is."

"Next... time around?" Reggie presses.

"The goal is for this to be the last time, but I always fail, and the cycle spins around again. The cycle. The circle. The never ending mockery of our first lives, played out again and again. The same people come into existence again and again. I thought it defied science. Until I saw outside the dream."

 "I can't in good conscience throw out a homeless child but please, I need to understand what you're saying."

"Then you have to understand your reality is false, your life is a lie, and... and I've already lost you." The teenager turns and walks away, out the door, descending the staircase in an aimless slink.

Already lost you. Cayenne catches the tail end of the conversation, and wonders, in what sense are those words meant? Already lost you, as in already confused you? Or already lost you, you're already dead?

Perenna recognizes Luis. The sight of him makes her stomach churn cold.

"He's the son of an actor I worked with once," she informs her husband. "That much I'm certain is true. How does he say his father died? The guy was from way out in Barnacle Bay, so... you know how it is, getting news between sectors, even in my line of work."

"He didn't say at all."

Perenna quirks an eyebrow. "I figured you'd have vetted those kids more thoroughly."


"You treated me like a criminal the moment you saw me."


"It's okay! I like this change!"

"They haven't exactly been as willing as you to answer questions, Perenna!"

Perenna makes sure to sit Lucida down for a long, long chat about self control. The girl is tired, but will still need to attend school tomorrow, so this can't wait.

Once Lucida is shipped off to bed, Perenna takes interrogation matters into her own hands. Warm, clean and fed for the first night in too long, it doesn't take much to get Cayenne singing like a canary.

"I was teaching my sister, Parsley, some magic," Cayenne explains with a guilty pout. "Just like Luis taught me. But she... we messed up, and started a big fire. My siblings all got out okay, but my Daddy didn't make it."

My sister Parsley. Parsley and Cayenne. This is a sad tale, so Perenna tries not to snicker.

"He was such a nice person!" she wails into her knees. "Always there for us... unlike our mothers..."

Cayenne and her brothers and sister were taken in by Parsley's estranged mother... and the actress's total indifference to them made it very easy for more bad things to happen.

"She acted like we didn't exist. She didn't get upset when Basil eloped with his girlfriend. She didn't notice when Luis skipped school. She didn't care that I coped with everything by putting a guy between my legs." Cayenne cringed. "The same guy, okay? I know what I did was dumb... but I loved him ever since we were kids, and I think we'd have had a normal life together someday if not for everything else..."

Perenna pats the girl's shoulder. "What's everything else? How did you end up on the street?"

"The fire was suspicious. Eventually Supernatural Control got involved, and found us. They grabbed Parsley. Luis and I got away. We've been trying to find a way to get Parsley back ever since. Luis says Rex will help. Do you... do you know anybody named Rex?"

Perenna shakes her head no.

"They're going to do just awful things to my sister," Cayenne sighs. "We have to rescue her."

"You can't rescue anyone right now," Perenna says firmly. "You're a teenager. Using your magic to steal and run all over the world chasing for leads on a trail that's gone cold is no way to live. You're going to get caught. You have to play smarter than this."

"There is one other thing," Cayenne murmurs.

"You can tell me," Perenna insists.

"The further we run, the more we search the world, the more people we meet... the more my brother senses. It's messing him up. Please be patient with him."

Luis waits for Perenna to leave his sister alone before he returns to her.

"I started the fire," he tells her.

Cayenne pastes on a brave smile for him. "Not in this reality. Remember?"

Etc.: It was always burnin', since the- ♪

This blog occurs in the same universe as my other ones. The universe keeps getting reset, that's all.

For those who did not follow my other blogs, Cayenne and her three siblings are the grandchildren of Scarlett's little sister, who stayed behind in Barnacle Bay while Scarlett left with Greta for a life of adventure and discovery.

For those who haven't read this blog since 2014 and forgot the ongoing mysteries, Luis is that kid from chapter 36.


  1. Foxglove. Ugh. *phew.

    I take it Loki hasn't managed to retrieve the information regarding Lethe from Perenna then?

    Aaaaah. A reset. A circle.

    This isn't Ceth... It's Ceth's mom right? Sorry. I might need to go reread some stuff it seems.

    1. He did get that info, way back in Chapter 36. :) They just haven't found what they're looking for yet. Sorry that wasn't too clear. The twins will be discussing it in an upcoming chapter.

      Cayenne is indeed Ceth's mum! No need to be sorry. I hope none of this will terribly confuse people who haven't read the other legacies, it's just meant to be fun for anyone who has. (Or for me. I was always strangely attached to Cay and Loki, so it's nice to play with them again.)

  2. Ah! I remember Mittens! And her child was Percy, right? And I remember Mittens made a bunch of ice sculptures of the kids as the awesome. That really was awesome. Did Mittens have cats as well?

    It must be rough for Cayenne, but is the guy the same guy she ended up with in Barnacle Bay? The guy with the multicoloured hair and the purple bits? (He lived with Percy, right? Wow, so many questions haha) I kinda hope she gets to see him again, but I kinda doubt it. At least Cayenne's begun to open up to Perenna

    1. You have a good memory! Mittens created a creepy ice sculpture garden as her awesome, you're right, I'd actually forgotten that part. She also loved her cats, starting with Snowberry. Then there was War Machine, and those two had a mess of kittens. Aw, I loved Snowberry. Pets are just such a pain, I haven't had more cats since those I think (aside from Layla's Gus). They're always in the way, always interrupting actions... ugh.

      The father of Cayenne's child is the same guy again, as will soon be revealed. Pretty crazy coincidence, right? Or was it by design?!?! (Of course it's by design. I designed it. I'm a god mad with power over here.)

  3. Poor Loki/Luis, he's seen too much.

  4. Man see I've never read the original Loki/ Cayenne part of the stories, just remember his recurrence in Archers Again (which was masterful btw) Is there a link to the first blog you made about this family? I'd like to start earlier I read Ceth's Gem on which is why WoooO for Acheron if we get to see him again!)

    1. Sure thing, the older blog is here:

      The whole thing is extremely cringey for me to see again, but I do keep using the characters, so I guess I'm just askin' for that kind of punishment.

      Cayenne and Loki are born in chapter 72. They are children by chapter 73, and adults by chapter 84. Loki is a bit different in that iteration... he's overwhelmed by his psychometric powers, to the point where his family is forced to hospitalize him for much of his adult life, but he isn't corrupted by dark magic yet (like in the Hidden Springs legacy) and doesn't yet realize he's been alive and dead thousands of times prior (as in this legacy). So that character has always been a little unhinged (or a lot?!), but in different ways. Cayenne, meanwhile, had a more stable life in the original legacy. She didn't learn to be a mage, she studied to be a doctor. :)