Saturday, August 2, 2014

Chapter 31: Not Quite Human

She says her name is Perenna. She's here because of the studio. She's an enthusiastic set designer, with aspirations to write scripts. She could have taken a job in someplace important like Bridgeport, or someplace scenic like Sunlit Tides - Reggie cringes at the mention of it - but she specifically wanted to be involved in this "spaghetti western" film trend.

She says she's not an agent.

"You wouldn't be a good spy if you admitted you're a spy," Reggie says.

"Once they find you they're really not very spy-like," she responds, frowning quizzically.

"I suppose," Reggie concedes the point. When they catch you, they will kill you, but first they must-

"You couldn't do anything about it if I was," she sighs. "I'd have ways to prevent you from escaping before I revealed myself, wouldn't I? I'd have all kinds of crazy magic. Crazy, crazy overpowered murder magic. That I don't have."

Reggie has a family to worry about. He can't take stupid chances. But there's a certain defeatist truth in her logic...

"I'm Reggie."

She brightens. "Short for Reginald?"


"I was just really excited to find someone else," she admits. "I've been separated from other non-quite-humans since I was a little girl."

Not quite human. The words sting more than they ought to. "Didn't your parents tell you that other magic-users are probably all out to kill you?"

Perenna laughs nervously. "You're not going to kill me, are you?"

Could he actually hurt someone? He doesn't know. "Hopefully... not..."

The hesitation in his voice scares the shit out of her. "You know there are entire communities where mages and vampires and junk live peacefully, right?" She studies his expression. "You've been hiding your whole life, haven't you... wow. That explains some things."

"Hiding in plain sight," he mumbles sheepishly.

"Well... I need to get back to work..."

"Wait!" Reggie can feel his skin prickling up in nervous goosebumps. "I want to ask you about... those communities..."

Perenna smiles slyly and gives him her number. "I'm off work at four," she says.

Petra returns a few moments after Perenna leaves. "Okay, so, this wasn't actually the right building I was supposed to bring the stuff to. Oops."

Etc.: He just met her, and this is crazy, but she's a werewolf, so get on with the legacy already maybe.

This chapter (and the last one) take place on a lot made by TheIrishCowgirl. I didn't have quite all the stuff she used, so some things look different, but mostly it's about the same, and I have to say it's really good work. The premade lot from EA is just such an eyesore, I'm glad I found a replacement.


  1. Oh, Perenna is cute! I'll patient await a cute baby. *twiddles thumbs*

    Yeah, Reggie ain't too good at interacting with other supernaturals. >.>

    1. Perenna IS cute! She's a slightly altered clone of a sim I downloaded from Melissa. =D

      I'd be bad with other supernaturals too, if I grew up being told they'd kill me, and sure enough the first one encountered outside the family was a psycho murder fairy. Hopefully Reggie will lighten up.

  2. Perenna, what an interesting and pretty name, just curious---how did you come up with it?

    I liked their little logic/illogic discussion, very cute! Way to go Reggie, he already has her phone number! =)

  3. Perenna is a Latin name, derived from the word perennis... broken down literally: per- (throughout) + annus (year). It shares its roots with words like "perennial". Perennial flowers come back every year. =) Or if you prefer... annually!

    That's why name lists will usually have Perenna as meaning "eternal", but it only means that in the sense of "recurring".

    So anyway it's just a name I like, and one I think supernatural-type characters might end up naming their children.

    1. That's also how you pronounce her name - like "perennial". Just without the I and the L.

  4. It's kind of funny to assume that all magic-users are murderous, when you are yourself a mage.

    Perenna is nice so far. Babies? :D