Friday, August 1, 2014

Chapter 30: Cross My Heart

"They hired me to help throw together some music for this spaghetti western they're filming here," Petra excitedly informs Reggie about her new job. Apparently the spaghetti western is making a huge comeback in sectors five to nine, and it's got to be shot near Monte Vista to be authentic. "Think you could help me drag some of my equipment up to the studios?"

"Studios?" Reggie repeats.

"You really didn't even notice them building it, did you?" Petra laughs, but it's a sad, strained laugh. "C'mon, it'll get you away from the house a while. You must be going stir-crazy."

There it is. Vista Studios, part of Plumbob Pictures. It sprung up seemingly overnight, the supply to a sudden demand.

"Palm trees?" Reggie mumbles.

"It's a Plumbob Pictures thing," Petra explains. "They put palm trees on all the land they own. Nobody remembers why, but it's a big symbol in the movie industry."

"Thanks for helping me lug all this stuff up here!" Petra pats her brother on the shoulder. "I'm gonna go see what I can get done about the lighting situation. I feel like I'm in a coffin."

"You're not quite yet." Reggie didn't appreciate the joke. The displeasure on his face is subtle, but Petra catches it.

Reggie's big sister leaves, and he sinks into the closest seat. Was Petra intending for him to stay here and wait for her to get back? Or should he just go home now? All the stuff's been moved.

"It's like, mage Tourette's," Rohane said. "There's nothing you can do about it."

"Nonsense," Reggie had responded blithely. "I promise we will fix it."

But he hadn't fixed it. Rohane started lying about it, saying it wasn't happening anymore, but Reggie should've seen through that! Stupid! So stupid! What if the teleportation is what attracted the fairy? Reggie guesses he'll never know.

Reggie looks down at the keyboard. He needs to focus on the present. Black, white, red.

Scarlett, Petra, even Gysael was musically inclined. That was never Reggie's passion.

He pokes at the keys experimentally.

Rearrange the sounds.
Mi Do Re Sol
Sol Re Mi Do?

"I thought I smelled magic," a woman's voice jolts him out of his concentration.

He hops out of his seat like it's on fire, and is already casting a defensive spell. "State your intentions." He does his best to keep his tone reasonable and polite, but it just comes out as a harsh croak.

"Yeee! Don't hurt me!" the woman squeals. "I never cause anybody any trouble! Cross my heart!"

He lowers his arms. "Then don't cause me trouble." He finds himself staring at her attire. Would an agent dress like that? Sure they would, that's how they get you! "How did you find me?"

"My nose," she says. "What with you bein' so close-by. I'm a werewolf."

Etc.: Monte Vista is not exactly the desert-looking landscape spaghetti westerns call for, but you can just blame global warming or something.

Mi Do Re Sol... Sol Re Mi Do (warning: sound may summon werewolves)


  1. Ahaha, even without the correct landscaping, I could totally imagine spaghetti westerns happening in Monte Vista.

    Oooooh, a werewolf! So I was hoping for a mage, but I think a werewolf would be more fun. :)

    1. This is my first time playing with a werewolf, so for me it is buckets of fun. =)

  2. Poor Reggie, it seems he has some unresolved feelings about his brother's death.

    I like how you wrote the palm trees in, lol The new girl is pretty! And a werewolf, so she shouldn't have any issues about Reggie being a supernatural too...

    1. Thanks! Reggie does feel like he failed his brother somehow. =(

  3. The palm trees somehow fit in, strangely.

    Is that a slight southern accent? I'm interested to see what this woman is like.

    1. Yes, the werewolf has a slight accent, though I usually don't bother including it in dialogue. Maybe it just slips out most when she's nervous. =)