Friday, August 15, 2014

Chapter 37: Better Left Alone

"I fainted?" Perenna stares numbly at her husband. Then at the floor.

"I was about to take you back to the hospital," he says worriedly. "They let me bring you home as soon as you woke up, but then... you became quiet. You've only snapped out of it now. What happened?"

Perenna frowns, trying to remember what she was doing. "I was trying to hassle one of the new guys into doing his job, and then..." And then she remembers.

She had a psychic vision, triggered by Archer's kid. Perenna isn't the type to have visions; the child must have been the cause. Unless it was just a silly dream... but it didn't feel like a dream. It was far too clear. Right down to the country bumpkin (but still midriff exposing) clothes she'd been wearing, ick!

What she saw couldn't be a possible future. But taken literally, would it be a possible past? One where she was mixed up in something dangerous?

She's given thought to past lives before, just for fun, but in those daydreams she was a different being entirely, like maybe a bird or something, not a different version of herself...

"Perenna?" Reggie implores her to respond.

She smiles. "Don't worry about it. I think I just skipped breakfast."

Then she frowns. "Aw man, my boss is going to be so moody about this."

"I'm glad you're alright!" Archer goes adorably wide-eyed when he sees Perenna. "I hoped it wasn't something I said..."

"Heh, it wasn't," she reassures him. "I wanted to apologize to you. I think my 'hello' was a little strong."

"I'm normally used to people coming on a little strong," he mumbles. Then he raises his voice back to normal to say, "It's just, I'm really not very magically-inclined. My father knew some mage stuff, and being a special flower did nothing but get him killed."

"I understand," Perenna says, assuming she knows the story.

"Aye-aye, then, we'll discuss it no more," he winks, after putting on the traditional Barnacle Bay accent.

"How's your son?" she inquires, after a pause.

"He's fine," Archer insists. "Can't leave him unsupervised for five seconds, that's all! He's a little explorer."

"And Monte Vista is a strange foreign land," she nods.

Perenna has decided the Archers should be left alone...

Shooting will be done soon, and then they'll be gone anyway. 

Izalee becomes a teenager.

She spends a lot of time in the garden.

And a lot of time painting.

Rain also becomes a teen, and Layla enters the child stage.

"It's no fair Izzy gets two pets, and we don't even have one," Layla complains, though she's got a smile on her face, enjoying the pool, enjoying the afternoon and the company of her weird big sister.

"I bet our parents wouldn't say no if we brought a cute one home without asking," Rain muses.

"Oh!" Layla perks up. "Magic one up!"

"Hmmm." Rain gives the idea more serious thought than it deserves. "When I teleport things to me, I don't conjure them into existence, you know. They have to be things that already exist somewhere. It's not even a spell. It's just some psionic ability I have. I didn't have to learn it. That's an important distinction, with magic."

"Yaaaaaawn," Layla says.

"Okay, okay," Rain laughs. "Here goes."

Yes, Rain has the ability to teleport things she wants to her. But it's easier when she's familiar with the object or person, when she knows where they are and what they are. Grabbing onto abstract concepts is trickier, and doesn't always work.

"Okay, homeless puppy," she murmurs. "I need a homeless puppy. A puppy that needs my sister's love. A puppy no one is looking at right now, so they won't freak out when it disappears."

"Ummm... sis?"

Rain doesn't open her eyes, too busy concentrating. "Yeah?"

"This isn't a puppy... but it is SO CUTE."

"Aw, man!" Rain's feels her face flush in embarrassment. "Did I teleport a cat here?"

"Yeah," Layla answers. "There was flashy light and everything."

"I'm gonna call him Gus."

Etc.: Rain wut r u doin

That kitten could be a SPY.

(spoilers: kitten is not a spy)

Fun note: Percy's dad was off'd as part as some freakish magic ritual to free an ancient evil entity. He was not murdered by secret police, as Perenna assumes. And that's probably (ugh, hopefully) not going to come up again so I'll let you have it as an aside.


  1. It'll totally come up again. Your stories have become epics. EVERYTHING COMES UP AGAIN.

    It was really cool seeing Percy. And i'm glad Perenna was okay.

    I was goanna comment on how cool Izalee looks like a teen, or how pretty Rain is. But then we got to that last picture with Layla and her kitty. WHY IS SHE SO PRETTY.

    1. Thanks, I think. xD

      I liked playing with Percy again, too, even if it wasn't for very long. ^.^

      Layla seems like she's gonna look a lot like her mother, who is the child of Carlotta and Eduardo GilsCarbo in Monte Vista. She has Ray's colors, though, and those seem to have a certain cuteness power all their own. The hair color is either one of Melissa's creations, or a natural occurrence in Twinbrook. It came from a sim born in her Twinbrook legacy.

  2. Adorable Percy.

    Poor Perenna. At least she seems to be okay now. Will the Archers really leave Monte Vista for good?

    Yay for Teen!Izalee.

    However, I'd love to pinch Rain's cheeks, right before giving her a sound telling off. Geez. The first shot of the cat was fantastic. Kitten version of WTF. lol

    1. Cats probably don't like being teleported. =P

      It feels like Izzy has been a child forever, doesn't it? That's how it felt to me.

  3. Ahhh, a spy kitten would be pretty awesome!

    All the kids grew up cute. Is Rain going to be in the legacy more often? I feel like she's building up to something.

  4. Is it wrong that I kind of wish the kitten were a spy kitten? That would be funny.

    Rain's certainly an interesting sort, even if she isn't part of the legacy household, I hope we see more of her

    Somehow I don't think Perenna leaving the Archers alone will help her in terms of nothing further coming from her encounter with Loki

    1. It's not wrong, I kind of wish I had more for the kitten to do other than be the punchline of a joke. Maybe Layla can go found her own legacy and take Gus with her. ;)

      You may be right, about there being some consequences to that chance encounter.

  5. Yes, Perenna, you stay away from those Archers and all extenuating family members.

    I love the pic of Ray, Heather, and Layla.

    Gus is adorable!

    Looking forward to some teenage antics with Izalee and Rain. :)