Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chapter 34: Sequel Escalation

That escalated quickly, Izalee thinks to herself. She has little concept of how hard Perenna worked to gain her father's trust. She doesn't spare a thought for how much emotional baggage Reggie had to burn to make this work. Usually Izalee is okay with Perenna existing and taking some of Reggie's attention, because Perenna really did make good on her promise to win Izalee over, but today... Izalee just feels out of sorts. Tired. Unexcited.

It's her father's wedding day, and Izalee's emotions are numb.

"Way to go, Bro!" Ray is part of a crowd of casually dressed onlookers. Most of them just happened to be at the park when the wedding went down - they weren't specifically invited.

Perenna wanted a party, but she didn't want some stuffy formal thing.

Heather doesn't know why Venessa left Reggie, but her brother-in-law is such a nice guy, she really hopes this second marriage works out for him. And for her poor little niece Izalee.

Reggie and Perenna seal their union with a showy kiss.

There are plenty of onlookers doing the fake-crying thing while they clap, so no one notices when Reggie sheds a real tear for family who cannot be here today.

In the background, Goopy GilsCarbo hasn't cleaned his face since last autumn...

After the wedding, the family celebrates with some bowling, because... um... the bowling alley happened to be on the same lot as the wedding, so why not?

Perenna's emotions are running so high, she's been in her werewolf form all day.

As long as she keeps her mouth shut most of the time, nobody is likely to make note of her fangs, and she usually bullshits something about cool contacts for her glowing eyes, and claims her claws are fake.

Luckily, only Ray followed them down into the dark bowling alley, where Perenna's eyes are far more noticeable. Ray already knows her secret.

Oddly enough, the scientist Ray is the only one who gives Perenna's bowling skills a challenge.

However, Ray takes a serious handicap, having Izalee on his "team".

She can hardly lift the ball, so her bowling skills pretty much suck.

A very positive response to unicorns?

Guys, if any of you become bronies, I can and will delete your save file...

After bowling, it's over to the pool table.

Izalee sighs. Another grown-up game. She sits this one out.

After that, Reggie and Perenna go home for their own, more private celebration.

"I may claw your ass," she warns him.

They converted the storage room in the basement next to the nursery into a new master bedroom. Reggie couldn't stand the thought of his new wife sleeping in the same bed, the same room, as his first wife.

Vox has a nightmare.

"Having a werewolf mom must be SO awesome!" Rain keeps Izalee company upstairs.

Izalee laughs. "Perenna's okay..."

"I love my Mom and all, but I wish my parents were witches or at least had magic powers, sometimes," Rain sighs. She has nightmares about her mother finding out she's a mage, and abandoning her, like Izalee's mother did. But it hasn't turned her away from magic. Rain really, really wants to know more spells. She had barely learned anything when Greta died, and Reggie has been unwilling to teach her. "I feel like my Dad thinks if he ignores my magic, it'll just go away."

"Pfff, my Dad is just as useless," Izalee says.

"It is really irresponsible of him," Rain pouts.

"He's a guy dating a werewolf who doesn't own a single shirt that covers her belly... of course he's irresponsible. This is like a classic midlife crisis."

Rain's eyes widen. "Oooh, good one. I hadn't thought of it that way."


Yes, I painstakingly edited Perenna's werewolf form to look almost exactly like her "human" form. I forgot to have her switch back to normal for the wedding, and only realized she was all werewolfy once they were down in the bowling alley.

Second baby to come soon! Reggie isn't in the young adult stage anymore, so he'd better get with the program, aye? (Speaking of which, I have a mod in that gives werewolves normal lifespans, so we don't have to put up with Perenna living forever either).


  1. In the first picture... Izalee has a very interesting skin condition. Is that a hint for later or just a really awesome glitch? : D

    1. Heh, I was hoping everyone would just think it was a shadow. It's a glitch that plagues Monte Vista; randomly people will look all "half and half" when they're outside. That's why the second picture has Izzy half cropped out - because it was just way too noticeably NOT a shadow.

      I'm not sure if it's governed by certain times of day, or what. It doesn't affect all sims on the same lot (usually just 1), and moving the sim to a different spot doesn't help. I'm wondering if it's some kind of suntan glitch.

  2. D'aaw, Izalee is so cute with the bowling ball. It does seem like Reggie is going through a mid-life crisis, but I will choose to believe that him and Perenna are ~*soul mates*~.

    1. It's a fantasy universe, maybe soul mates exist?

      ...Probably not, though.

  3. The look on Ray's face while Izalee hefts that ball is perfect. Then again, who wants to try to win right? ;)

    What a nightmare for poor Vox! Give that baby some love STAT! Yikes.

    I take it Rain has taken learning magic into her own hands then?

  4. Just caught up after my no-internet enforced hiatus! Izalee is adorable and I have to say I like Perenna a lot better than Venessa. I'm sorry to see Scarlett and Greta have passed, but at least they managed a long and mostly happy life together. It was a shock to see what happened to Rohane and I'm sad that Reggie is still blaming himself, especially to the point of not teaching Izalee to defend herself!

    I'm also sad to see that Gysael has gone - I liked her the best out of the five of them...

    1. Aw, don't be sad. We may see Gysael again someday, when we're least expecting it.

  5. Aw, I've never seen someone swing a bowling ball like that in Sims; Izalee is so cute! It's too bad how she feels about Perenna; maybe she'll grow to like her.

    I love Ray's faces when he was hanging out with them!

    That's very considerate of Reggie to build a whole new master bedroom. It looks very nice, too.

  6. Ray & Heather Ray & Heather! Like them a lot for some odd reason.