Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chapter 20: Saw an Airplane Once

Ever since Gysael's eldest brother's girlfriend moved in, working similar hours to Gysael's school hours, it's been hard to find time to practice magic in the house.

Not being caught by a "human" is rule number one. So when she IS caught... for a moment, she is terrified of the consequences.

"What is that?" Venessa asks.

"It's for raves. What, have you never seen one before? Psssh. Sheltered." Gysael spits the last word like a slur.

It's all Venessa can do to hold her tongue. She has the mean-spirited trait as well as the avant garde trait, meaning she can easily slip up in conversations and be overly critical of people, so getting along with Reggie's teenage siblings has not been the most natural thing in the world for her. She likes him enough to behave, but sometimes, it's hard....

Had a weird glitch. Nobody could figure out where the fridge was.

I had to delete the fridge and put in a new one.

Recovered from the latest glitch, the family dines on falafel, leftover pizza, and french toast (Reggie's favorite).

Scarlett continues to harp about grandchildren.

Scarlett goes to the pub to busk, but a young bass player has that covered, so instead he spends the evening telling ladies about how he saw an airplane once. Monte Vista's sector hasn't had airplanes since the war.

Reggie makes enough money to have a basement added to the house.

Ray finally gets his own bedroom, while more of Scarlett's collection spills down into the common area.

Venessa wanted an indoor hot tub room.

And there's a second kitchen.

The ceiling tiles have a habit of vanishing into the chaos dimension. It's annoying. Sometimes doing a dance with CFE and level terrain and deleting and repainting temporarily fixes the problem, and sometimes it just makes MORE vanishing tiles, which swap locations with other tiles when I reload the game.

I was close to booting the Goldbeards into a new house, but I really like this one, so I'm trying to make it work.

I'm not a "builder", so I just did not realize how problematic adding a damn basement could be.

"What do you mean, my ass is on fire?"

Oh! THAT ass.

Scarlett and Greta grow old together.

Greta doesn't want to get old and die.

Ray finds it hard to do his homework with the horrible laundry gnome watching him.

 Reggie's romance is just going incredibly well.

Venessa is so fun.

But she's also sentimental enough to enjoy watching the constellations change with the seasons.

And intellectual enough to want to spend a rainy day at the art museum, educating her boyfriend about art history.

The cow plant sculpture symbolizes the irregular orbit of the planet Boonitz, which was worshiped for thousands of years as an angry murder god, according to Venessa.

 Inspired by a particularly serene painting, Venessa wants to learn about the joys of fishing.

 Reggie is good teacher. He was taught how to fish by his father, who grew up on a straight up ocean island as the son of a fisherman.

He never imagined this skill would help him with his girlfriend. He will have to remember to thank his weird dad.


Yep, things could not seem more perfect.

They're doing well in their careers.


That door is transparent! Do you even care.

"How can you be in such a lie of a relationship?" Gysael does not approve of Reggie's thing with Venessa. "I can understand Petra falling for some loser... she doesn't have blue skin and she can't cast spells. But you? Are you going to hide your magic from Venessa forever?"

Reggie shrugs. "Does she need to know?"

Gysael rolls her eyes. "You gotta be kidding me..."

Unphased by his baby sister's disapproval, Reggie proposes to Venessa.

Venessa enthusiastically accepts, unable to see Reggie's inappropriately sleepy thought bubble.

"Guys, this pizza has mold on it, I'm throwing it out," Ray doesn't care at all about witnessing an important life changing event in Reggie's boring adult world.

He never liked Venessa either... though he doesn't share Gysael's reasons for this.

For Ray, it's more about how Venessa told him his pajamas look dweeb-y. Clearly she is some kind of airhead with no sense of priorities.

Etc.: I usually catch it too late for pics, but when left alone, Venessa will often seek out Ray or Gysael and say something mean to them. She even rolls hilarious wishes like "be mean to Ray", which I would have given to her if she wasn't already full with 4 wishes.

Her other traits are artistic, excitable, mean-spirited, neat, and natural born performer. And Avant Garde. Avant Garde was one I assigned to her when she had enough social group influence with the rebels to pick an extra trait. It took me less than 2 sim days to get her to Rebel 10, which unlocked the Art Appraisal career. *thumbs up* There's no way I'm playing through stupid-ass university. It was disgusting enough to go through in real life.

Fun trivia: according to one object's description, the three planets in the known sims universe are Boonitz, Dipthong, and Earth. I was reading an old speculative thread about ITF, and the posters were all wanting to be able to visit these places. Heh. Right.


  1. I had that *exact* same glitch with my fridge too! :O I thought my game had gone crazy, lol, but I'm glad it's not just me.

    Reggie has good tastes in food, if not life partners. XD I love French toast too.

    For Scarlett and the bass player taking over his busking grounds, I believe you can click on the other sim's instrument and command them to stop playing. It annoys me when I want to send a sim busking and other townies are hogging all the tips, so I've had to do that before. I guess it could be a mod I use, though, lol.

    The basement looks cute! Very eclectic, but I really like it. <3 I don't recall ever having that problem with the ceiling tiles though. =( So weird. I'm going to have to check Georgia's basement tomorrow when I load up that save. It's pretty much empty atm, so I'm wondering if I've just never noticed it, but if I have that glitch and think of a solution I'll let you know!

    Scarlett and Greta make my heart melt. I love that picture of them dancing together. <3 They're so sweet.

    LMAO at Ray and the laundry gnome.

    Two (unimportant, just curious) questions: 1) Is there a reason all the boys from this generation have names that start with the letter R? I love that you named Reggie after Greta's brother, btw. That really made me smile. 2) Why does Venessa wear gloves so often? No that I mind it, but I'm wondering if there's a story/character reason for it. =)

    LOL. Dipthong.

    1. Thanks! ^.^ I looked the ceiling tile issue up when I was trying to fix it, and it seemed to be a common one people were having. Their theories on why it happened were too diverse for me to draw any conclusions, and sometimes they were able to fix it and sometimes they weren't. Total bummer.

      I also had the worst time in the world getting the basement stairs to work at all. My sims can use them right now, but if I add another basement layer, the stairs on the middle level suddenly become unusable again. It's really weird.

      Questions! 1) I just thought it'd be cute to give all the boys R names. Ray is specifically named for one of the Ghostbusters. =P And Rohane just sounds kind of medieval to me. Rohane is the main character in NeoQuest II (hey, everyone's played NeoPets once, right?) and I have always suspected his name was somehow inspired by LotR's Rohirrim. But it could just be Johann with an R and altered spelling. Who knows.

      I could probably go crazy with the names in my blogs if I felt like it, given the ambiguous future setting. I do rename people in town sometimes if they have names I hate. I haven't done that in Monte Vista yet, surprisingly.

      2) Those gloves showed up on her "career" outfit. I just left them there, because I figured why not... she handles artwork and stuff.

  2. Venessa really plays up that mean-spirited trait. And brings it out in Ray and Gysael. At least she and Reggie are getting along well. She might give him a hard time though, so I'm wondering how this will go.

    I cracked up at Greta being right there while they were in the hottub. xD

    1. Poor Ray has the "good" trait. Venessa is the only person he had problems with. xD