Friday, July 25, 2014

Chapter 26: Just Fine

"They're going dormant now?" Izalee stares in wonder as her family's garden plants succumb to the changing seasons, and her grandmother tends to the last harvest.

"Yes," Greta answers. "We won't be able to care for them again until late spring."

"I read that they weren't always like this," Izalee says. Literature tells her of mankind's long, long agricultural struggle to create what sim nation has today.

Monte Vista's fall festival starts up. Izalee greets her Aunt Gysael and Uncle Rohane with enthusiasm. She has a special fondness for her blue relatives; they make her feel more normal. They're out of town for their jobs a lot, though. They always seem busier than Ray and Heather, and Petra and Chad.

 "Have you been studying your magic?" Gysael whispers.

Yes, it takes all the willpower Izalee can muster to project a response with learned telepathy.

Gysael smiles. Good. A weak link breaks the chain and puts us all in danger, she recounts a warning Greta had sputtered at her once. Just kidding.

Izalee's nose scrunches up a little. "Why is Uncle Ro in athletic clothes?"

"Because he's weird," Gysael laughs.

"Jogging in the snow is a rush!" Rohane calls out.

"There's barely any snow on the ground!" Gysael calls back.

Despite the big sign advertising PIZZA, Izalee wants to participate in the pie eating contest.

I always thought these animations were horrifying.

They look like their faces are rotting off.

Also the sims make a lot of worrisome choking sounds.

Victory goes to... that happy-looking brunette guy!

Gysael stumbles away to throw up on the pumpkin plants.

After getting cleaned up, Rohane and Izalee decide the contents of their stomachs need to be further churned up, and head over to the mechanical bull and its baby spring riders.

"Nostalgic, isn't it?" Gysael addresses Reggie from her vantage point atop the hay bales.

"I suppose," Reggie agrees, remembering his youngest siblings were still children at the last fall festival.

"All we need is Ray here," she continues, "and it'd be like old times."

"What about Petra?"

Gysael shrugs dismissively. She loves Petra, but Petra moved out of the house when she was still young, so Gysael is much closer to her brothers than to her sister.

"Watch out, doofus!" Gysael scowls as Rohane nearly goes flying face-first off the mechanical bull. With his bad luck, he'd probably hit Izalee.

Izalee has no siblings, Reggie thinks, a little sad. But at least Rain is growing fast, and soon the cousins will go to school together and be able to play more often.

"It's cold out," Greta remarks. "You should get some long sleeves on."

"It's fine, Mom! You can't get cold if you don't slow down."

Rohane runs off to buy a donut, to show us exactly how committed he is to his healthy athletic trait.

Izalee gets a pumpkin painted on her face at the face painting booth before skipping off to the festival's little playground.

Honestly, despite all the lies of omission...

...and the gnomes...

...and the blue...

Things seemed really typical. And happy. And just fine.

Until the fairy showed up.

Etc.: Fairy, that is a palm tree back there, so clearly you have the wrong address?

I finally got around to editing the festival lot. I hope it looks a little more like it belongs in Monte Vista now, instead of Appaloosa Plains. PIZZA.


  1. I'm going to pretend that until there is evidence otherwise, the fairy is awesome and nice. :c

  2. You always portray families so well! <3 I loved that little bit with Izalee at the playground, she is so cute!

    How ominous, things were swell until the fairy showed up! O.o She looks awesome, whether or not she's nice, lol

    1. Thanks so much!

      The fairy has had a hairstyle change since I last had her show up in a blog. It does make her look much prettier than before (, in my opinion, not that she cares much about how her hair looks.

  3. It's cool to see the siblings together. Does Izalee need a little brother or sister? :D

    Aw, everything is completely normal, right? Nope, bam! Fairy.

  4. Dammit I'm both sad and delighted at this new development. I wondered how long you would be able to just play the game normally (whatever that is) >:D

    1. I'd probably have more chapters out if I could just play the game normally. xD