Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chapter 24: Reap and Run

Venessa dreams Izalee is a baby again. Reggie is in that manky inventing jacket. Venessa is screaming at him. Why did he have to pass on his weird genetics? Why couldn't Izalee look like her?

Venessa wakes from the strange nightmare and begins to cry quietly.

How could her mind have produced something so horrible?

That night, Heather returns from the hospital with a new baby girl.

Scarlett's second grandchild is just as blue as the first one.

"We named her Rain," Ray informs his parents.

Rain. The name strikes a long-buried chord, but Scarlett can't quite place it.

"That's a lovely name, my Ray of sunshine," Greta says, embarrassing her youngest son in front of his tired wife who wishes the in-laws would get lost so she can sleep.

Scarlett does not live to see Rain grow into a toddler. Death comes for him the following evening.

Greta is distraught. Losing her husband was bad enough, but looking upon the Grim Reaper... something is very unsettling about the reaper, she thinks. Unnatural.

He turns bodies to dust, every schoolchild knows that - but why?

Grim takes a look around the house. Hopefully he won't be back soon.

Venessa is busy telling Monte Vista's town square what is wrong with the world when Reggie gets the phone call about his father's death.

Reggie rushes home, not sure how he's going to be able to comfort his mother.

He finds Ray is already there with her.

The music player is still blasting happy notes from the Island Life station, just like Scarlett left it, while his family grieves. No one seems to have the stones to shut it off.

Time passes, and the family moves on from its loss.

Izalee has a birthday. Her favorite color is green.

The nursery already has a spare bed in it, so she doesn't have to move to another room.

The very first wish Izalee rolls is to purchase a planter bowl, so she can bring some of the outside greenery inside.

Reggie rescues this gnome from the consignment shop.

Etc.: Scarlett clocked out at 102 days. I have lifespans set to 100 for this legacy.

I have updated the old family tree from my Barnacle Bay legacy, to include Scarlett's descendants. Exploring it will show the web of in-laws that is threatening to consume all of Monte Vista. So far my plan is to have the family evacuate sometime after generation 4 takes over, to keep the web from getting too tangled. Generation 3 isn't entirely born, yet, though (yeah, spoiler, this generation rolled 2 kids, not 1), so I may be thinking too far ahead.

And hey! I got a sculpting gnome without working for it! Yaaay! I got one the normal way once, but it was so dark-colored, it was hard to see any details on its poses. :(


  1. Fun stuff. I'm officially Izalee's biggest fan, loved those shots of her and Vox goin' in for the cuddles. Too cute!

    Wonder what all that Rain business is up to... was the elf-looking chick trying to prevent her birth? =/

    1. Izalee would enjoy having a fan. :)

      As for the elf-looking chick in chapter 1... yes. Yes, her spur-of-the-moment plan was to get rid of Rain by killing Rain's grandparent(s) before they had any children. Kind of rude, eh?

  2. Izalee is cute! I love her hair.

    Scarlett!! NOOOOOO. I knew it was coming soon, but I really liked him and his broody ways. :c

    I had completely forgotten about the elf-chick. I'm the worst kind of reader. :C

  3. R.I.P. Scarlett :(

    I agree Izalee is too adorable. That gnome is rocking, I want one now and I've never really care for them in the game before.

    I have to thank you for the family tree link. I've been trying to figure out how I would do mines (manually or using a site) and that one is awesome so I will have to steal that idea.

    I've been wondering if the elf-chick (because that's what everyone else dubbed her :P) would ever reappear again.

    1. You're welcome! =D Family Echo can be a little annoying with its layout at times, but it's easy to use.