Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chapter 21: Like a Bomb

Alien abductions. Ray believes in the conspiracy.

Teaching the dog to play dead. Not reenacting the time Lassie had to fetch the paramedics because Grandpa fell and broke his- oh sorry that's not a funny joke at all.

Venessa was torn about whether or not she wanted a wedding party. On one hand, most important people have wedding parties. On the other hand, setting up wedding parties can be a pain. So she and Reggie end up having a private wedding at the art museum, Venessa's favorite venue.

Pregnancy! It was planned, but nobody told Venessa how much it would hurt. Her body is stretching uncomfortably, and for a while she's too sick to stray far from a bathroom.

She just doesn't understand. People always talk about the joy of feeling a new life growing inside... but she feels like it's a hostile alien, out to kill her.

Scarlett is predictably thrilled about the news of a grandchild on the way.

Are those holiday lights up in late spring?

Stay classy, guys.

"I can't stand the secrecy," Gysael complains. "I feel like I have to hide all the time now. Is Venessa family, or is she not? Shouldn't we tell her? Her kid could end up like us. And I don't mean pointy-eared or blue, I mean it could be bursting at the seams with magic. You don't want to drop that like a bomb on a bitch late in life."

Greta shrinks away from her daughter's confrontation tone. "Language. Please. I'm letting your brother decide what he wants to do." She's forced enough restrictions on her children when they were growing up, she thinks. She doesn't want to prevent them from trying to have normal lives as adults. She's done her best as a parent; they have to make their own choices now.

Party at the GilsCarbo place.

Petra and Rohane seem to be having a disagreement.

Um, hey there, Chad.

Gysael's magic seems to grow stronger by the day.

Though her protection hex symbols need work.

"It's crooked on the left side," Greta warns. "When you try to activate it, it'll blow up in your face."

It's Ray's age-up day.

Nice one.

There you go. That's slightly more appropriate.

Have fun with adulthood, Ray.

"You know you don't have to go," Greta mourns as yet another of her children flees the nest. "This is your home, too."

"Independence will be fun," Ray insists, not wanting to tell his mother he feels the 'home' she refers to now belongs to Reggie more than it belongs to any of the other second generation kids. Reggie is the one who is helping his parents make improvements to the house. Reggie is the one living here with a pregnant wife.

Ray moves out and gets a job at the science center. I don't have a pic of that, so here's a pic of Reggie and Scarlett instead.

Pregnancy hormones are serious bad news. May lead to gnome kicking.

 Vox grows concerned about Venessa's condition.

Rohane visits on Saturday, and spends most of the day playing video games with Gysael. He told his parents he got a boring-ass job at Simcatti Industries; they're unlikely to discover he's never set foot in those offices, since they have no business-person-like friends.

But Gysael knows the truth. "So you're not going all Reggie and falling into the dating trap?"

"Nah. It'd be inconvenient. Plus Reg found the only woman in town who likes blue."

"So let me move in with you when I graduate. You have the space."

"Guess I could use the company," Rohane acquiesces.

Scarlett demonstrates how to fend off yetis.

Gysael ages up.

"I'm not hiding my ears anymore, Mom. I'm sorry, but... I'm going to live by my own rules, now."

Things really are not the same, with all of Reggie's siblings out of the house, but the birth of his daughter, Izalee, promises to breathe new life into the place.

Venessa already loves Izalee to bits, but also already knows she will not go through that again.

Etc.: Simcatti Industries is the Doo Peas of Monte Vista.

Gysael eating one last bowl of homemade soup before leaving. I was pretty sad to see her go. So sad, I invited her to sleep over for the next few nights. She mostly played with Vox.


  1. Aww, I was kind of hoping you had rolled couple + friend or something so Gysael could stick around. I like her a lot. I like Reggie, though, too.

    1. Not reading my rolls up top, eh? Spoiler free? xD

      You're not the only one, hehe.

  2. Scarlett's demonstration of how to fend off yetis made me laugh. It's good that he's imparting important knowledge to his family, who knows when a Yeti might show up on your doorstep? lol :P (And why couldn't EA give us a Yeti occult anyway, instead of 2 vampire types?)

    It is sad to see Gysael leave, I hope SP plays nice with her!

    You're moving right along with this legacy, the first of Gen 3 has been born! Yay! It looks like she inherited her father's blue skin too. =)

    1. You could pretend the super annoying school mascot is a yeti. Maybe. xD

      Izalee did indeed inherit the blue skintone. It turned out more pale than her father's; probably due to skintone blending (happens due to the mods I'm using.)