Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chapter 52: Serial Homewrecker

Even after all this time, Reg occasionally busts open a finger while making widgets.

"Nobody saw that, right?!"

Perenna wolfs down some pancakes after a particularly stressful day at work.


Mech rolls a lot of wishes to improve his charisma skill. It makes sense he is interested in constantly improving his behavioral subroutines to better coexist with human sims.

Reg really, really misses his dog. :(

Aileen the octopus dies. I had installed a mod that was supposed to keep fish from needing to be fed, but apparently it is not working. No cheating for me.

At least the seahorses survive.

Rhonda GilsCarbo invites Reg to one of her parties. Her little sister Heather doesn't put in an appearance, probably still busy being depressed about Rain, but their brother Goopy plops down his keyboard in the middle of the foyer to entertain Rhonda's many guests.

Reggie takes a moment to chat with Benino Rossi's mother, Terry Tayl-... WTF is with that open shirt, Edward? Do you think you actually look good in that?


Ben's parents Terry Taylor and Igor Rossi have an unusual relationship. They have three children, but do not live together, and are not married. Ben got his father's surname, while his sisters Tori and Lynnette have the Taylor surname.

Izalee feels stir crazy, so she heads out to the seasons festival grounds. Perenna is at work and Lucida is at school, so Izzy does her aging father a favor by taking Ceth with her for the day.

"Oh my, what an adorable toddler," Hilda Giordano-Modena gushes.

Izalee crinkles her nose in distaste, distracted by the sight of Venessa locking lips with a married man, Dean Lombardi-Haynes, in the corner.

Izalee remembers seeing the wedding photos of Dean's marriage to Ambra Ferrari quite recently. It took the front page of the rather dull local paper.

"What do you think you're doing?" Izalee angrily confronts the mother who abandoned her.

To say Venessa is shocked to see her little girl all grown up is an understatement. Aside from Petra and Perenna, who both have jobs that require lots of socializing, the Goldbeard family mostly keep to themselves.

"I-Izzy? Is that you?" Venessa asks haltingly, as if it could possibly be anyone else.

"Yeah. It's me. So did marriage always mean nothing to you, or did this quirk pop up after you left my father?"

Venessa hangs her head. "Izzy... your father... we.... I can't talk about this."

Dean clears his throat, obviously uncomfortable.

Venessa dares to look up again. "Who is this little one? Is she your daughter?"

Izalee's face goes slack. "Sure. She's my daughter."

Venessa's lips turn in the hint of smile. "She has Reggie's nose."

"Sure," Izalee grunts.

"What's her name? Who's the father?"

"Not some married man!" Izalee's temper flares again. "Not that it's any of your business!"

Izalee leaves Venessa's presence without saying another word. She soothes her pain with a fresh cup of hot cider. Her father would tell her not to be so unkind to Venessa, but Izalee can't help but to be upset. The feelings of abandonment come rushing back, as if the wounds were fresh.

The last time Izalee was here, she was a child, happily spending the day with Gysael and Rohane. In spite of the bittersweet memories, she rolls a wish to let Ceth play on the spring riders.

Ceth is displeased when spring rider time is over.

Pumpkin harvest.

Ah, what the hell. How about some apple bobbling, for old times's sake?

Izalee narrowly defeats her competition, Emily of the Giordano clan.

Seems there is no escaping her mother's side of the family today, but that's alright. Izalee and Emily haven't seen each other since they were little girls, and have no ill will towards each other.

Emily takes the time to thank Izalee for slut-shaming Venessa. Venessa has been totally out of control, and her serial homewrecking ways are becoming a public embarrassment for the family.

"I hope Dean's wife divorces him," Izalee grumbles.

"Oh, she probably will," Emily says. "They only got married like three days ago, pretty quick after Ambra had that huge fight with Gilberto GilsCarbo."

Izalee tilts her head.

Emily giggles. "You miss a lot when you hide from your neighbors."

"I guess I do," Izalee admits. Though she never particularly wanted to know how screwed up everyone else's families are. She was fine pretending hers was the only one.

Dean considers his very public transgressions. He may soon be a dead man.

Izalee picks up Ceth. Time to go home.

"Did you at least enjoy your first time away from the house?"

The toddler giggles and babbles incomprehensibly in response to Izalee's question.

Werewolf playing with dog.

Polka is younger than Vox, so may still be around a while.

Some more random cute pictures.

Freaking clowns.

Reggie's family throws a small party for his final birthday. Heather manages to put on a sincere smile for it.

Layla had her young adult birthday already. Like her father, Ray, she is a genius, and went straight for a career in science.

Even more people show up than expected. Emily is here not as Izalee's second cousin, but as Perenna's coworker. Diana Lombardi-Haynes is here as part of Chad Costa's clan... I think?

She's Chad's sister in law, anyway.

Chad is an old man, now, and has finally grown into that nose.

Lucida isn't sure she's ready for one of her parents to be an elder. She's only a teen still.

Welp... here goes.

Reggie becomes an elder.

He spends some time catching up with his sister Petra.

She brought a whole tursoykey to the party.

"White looks pretty good with the blue," she teases.

Rosa Toledo helps herself to the Goldbeards' hot tub instead of the birthday cake.


Ray has a little while to go before he hits the elder stage, but that won't stop him from freaking out about it right now.

Ben arrives late to the party, because of the requirements of his new job at city hall. He recently aged up. Lucida thinks it's totally lame she's still in high school and he isn't.

Due to their age state differences, the only romantic option they have right now is to take a photo together.

Etc.: So many party crashers! I didn't even bother taking pics of all the guests. And they all brought random food! Lasagna, chili, whole not-turkies, etc. I was finding random food all over the house for hours. Um, sim hours.

Rhonda and Goopy showed up, too, but at least they were invited. They just didn't want to cooperate for pictures. They mostly wandered around the stairs, complaining about routing failure, and I didn't care enough to save them from their misery.


  1. Wait, I just realized something. Reggie is a dog person, right? And married to a werewolf! Lol! I can't believe that joke was lost on me all this time!

    Toddler Ceth is the cutest. And she has an attitude already! Those pictures at the festival turned out very pretty.

    Wow, Layla turned out so stunning! Is that still Ace Archer hair?

    That last picture of Lucida and Ben is so adorable! I really love them as a couple. I hope your roll for the next generation lets them stay happy :)

    1. Hahaha! Yes, I'm not sure how many people remembered Reggie had that trait. >=D

      Yep, that is still Ace Archer hair.

      Glad you like Lucida and Ben. (:

  2. 'Wolfs down pancakes.' Ha!

    Holy Simoly Rosa Toledo! lol. At least she's not a face one. xD

    Do I spy Layla getting plate blocked?

    Aw, Izalee. She's got a lot on her mind right now. Hopefully she finds some peace soon.

    1. LOL. Rosa Toledo turned out looking a lot like her father, Luis Toledo...

      Routing failure in that basement kitchen is pretty common.

  3. No, not Aileen the octopus!

    Good for Izalee telling off her mother like that. And she gets to be an extra- mom to Ceth. Not sure if Lucida is the best rolemodel to her though. First the double claw, and what exactely are she telling the toddler... something about meat? Adult Benino looks even nerdier than the teenaged one. Are the agedifference big for them?

    1. The age difference between Lucida and Benino isn't too major. Less than a week of in-game days.

      I miss Aileen. ;.; Octopus looks very cute in its bowl.

  4. Oh, Venessa...what a terrible person you are. I feel so bad for poor Izalee.
    Layla sure grew up pretty.
    I love all the random cute pictures. =)

    1. Izzy at the festival was a pretty strange moment in gameplay. I thought I'd just fulfill her rolled wish to go there, maybe grab some pumpkin for the garden...

      ...then BAM, there are Giordanos in every direction, and Venessa is shamelessly snogging Dean.

  5. Ugh, Venessa. Go Izzy! Tear her down!

    Reg looks very distinguished. I agree with Petra--white goes well with blue.

    I love octopuses (octopi? Octopodes?) in The Sims. Poor Aileen.

    Layla looks cute! Rosa, on the other hand, is very unfortunate looking.

    1. Reggie would be very happy to hear that. ;)

      I think Rosa looks hilarious. :D I guess I'm just awful. :D

  6. Izalee seemed to have a lot of pent-up feelings when seeing her mother, and it's no wonder. Hope she doesn't let it bring her down.

    Ceth is so cute!

    Looks like Ben grew up well! Hope Lucida isn't far behind.