Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chapter 63: Blue Bird Lamentation

"Maybe I should spend less time playing with the guitar and more time painting," Ceth worries about her hobbies, not wanting to neglect any. She can't pick which ones are most important to her.

Despite his unassuming appearance, Ben Rossi has nearly mastered the charisma skill, and excels in his career. He's now a city council member, a title that comes with new responsibilities... like raising campaign funds.

Ben takes a moment to console his grieving mother. Terry Taylor finally married her longtime lover and the father of her children, becoming Terry Rossi just a single day before Igor died of old age.

Terry recomposes herself, donating a hefty 10,000 simoleons to Ben's campaign.

"Your father was so proud of you and Ada," she says, trying not to break into tears again.

Ben's cousin Ada Rossi is still reigning higher than him, currently as Monte Vista's mayor.

Poor Perenna. No matter what she does, her body will not return to its youthful state.

Oh well. Take the good with the bad. She has grandsons to spoil now.

"I think Mom's tiberium hoarding is suspicious," Carlos tells his little brother.

Milo frowns, confused.

"It's an extraterrestrial substance, you know."

"So are lots of other rocks..."

"Are you okay, Ben?" Lucida snuggles close to her husband, feeling sick when she learns his father passed away.

"Yeah," he says, sounding a bit distant. "My father and I made peace before I moved in with you. I'll miss him, but... I don't have regrets about anything. I didn't leave anything unsaid."

"That's good I guess," Lucida murmurs. "I don't know if I'll be so calm when my parents... go."

"Do you... think I'm being cold?"

"No, no... I mean... even if you were, your parents kind of phoned it in anyway, so..."

"They did their best or whatever," Ben says.

"Or whatever," Lucida agrees.

Ceth ages up to teen, leaving childhood behind... or so she thinks.

You know the rule, Ceth. Show us your face or your age-up didn't happen.

That's better.

Though Ceth's attitude made it difficult for her to make friends as a child, high school offers new opportunities. Ceth makes friends with older students like Gillian GilsCarbo.

Ceth finds herself invited to classmates' houses to hang out, which is new.

Anselmo here probably could have picked a better start to chatting her up than homework.

He's heard rumors about Ceth being extremely smart and also extremely snobby, and at least the first one quickly proves true...

Gillian arrives to sabotage her twin brother's already failing attempts to woo her friend.

Anselmo sighs. Ceth dropped him like a hot potato once his sister showed up to hang out with instead.

Ben only bought this Roos hoodie to make his wife hot for him.

It totally works.

Springtime is here again. One is never too old to hunt for colored eggs.

This spring festival boasts the addition of a hot air balloon.

Nothing about it particularly screams "romantic activity", but it has been marketed as such.

"Here goes!" Reggie announces. "If we die, we die."

The balloon is not programmed to go super high, but it gets high enough to be a minor thrill.

If moodlets can be trusted, today is Reggie and Perenna's wedding anniversary.

They celebrate with some finely aged juice.

"Do you see anything?" Perenna whispers, as if anyone else could possibly hear them.

"Um, I see Izzy talking to a bird," Reggie says.

"What? Where?" Perenna adjusts the binoculars.

"Right... right down there." Reggie points.

Perenna tilts her head. "Is she finally adopting a familiar?"

"A whatnow?"

"You seriously don't know what a familiar is, Reg?"

"I... um... no... I think no?"

Perenna laughs softly. "Never mind it."

"You're making me feel like an ignorant hedgemage again, love."

"I like you just the way you are," she says.

New acrobating outfit.

You can stop contorting now... you're at home...

Ceth tags a wall.

The need to leave her mark on something is animalistic, perhaps, but also deeply tied to her general feelings of uncertainty and restlessness. Why was she abandoned? Will she ever get magic powers, like her biological mother apparently had? What isn't her adoptive family telling her about her biological family? They're always so vague about it. Ceth feels like something is being intentionally withheld from her.

She paces back and forth in her bedroom. All she knows is her mother (named Cayenne La Mer) was on the run with a male sibling (named Luis La Mer), the two stayed here, and then they vanished along with Izalee's cousin Rain. Was her weak sensitivity to magic the reason she was left behind, she wonders? Or was her mother captured and harmed?

It shouldn't matter, of course, she tells herself.

She's here. They're not. The end.

Etc.: I felt bad about Igor and Terry. I was planning to have Ben visit and congratulate his parents on their long overdue wedding (I was shocked when SP gave me a popup about it!) when I got the notification for Igor's death just a few sim hours later.


  1. Cute how Perenna is so excited about her grandsons behaving all wolfish :D Werewolf kids are still adorable!

    Also, what a lovely way to use the hot air balloon! A really sweet anniversary celebration :)

    1. I'm always looking for new outdoor activities to add to the festival lots. Hot air balloon seemed like a good fit! This was my first time using it.

  2. Perenna still looks pretty toned, even if she's all slumped.

    Ben does look better in the Roos hoodie. I wouldn't see it makes me hot, but I feel less cold toward him.

    So Loki and Cayenne are never going to show up again? :o

    1. Well, a hoodie is for warming! That is its primary function. ;)

      Hmmm... Loki and Cayenne will always be back. Just like bathroom mold. The question is when, where, and why?

  3. I miss seeing Ceth with the two buns, will she get them when she ages up into an adult?
    Perenna just needs to stand next to other, less toned, older ladies and she'll feel better about the way she looks ^-^
    Milo and Carlos are so cute as werewolves ^-^

    1. I miss the buns, too! I'm not sure if they'll be back. This is a new life, after all.

  4. I use the hot air balloon for the spring festival too.
    Happy Anniversary to Reg & Perenna!
    Poor Terry, though. I guess Igor just needed to make it official before he moved on to the ghost realm.

    1. I was surprised to see the anniversary moodlet. I had forgotten that was a feature, heh.

  5. *poke* I've been all sorts of busy and/or sick for a few weeks, so I came here expecting to be really behind and having a ton of chapters to catch up on.
    I hope everything's okay.

    1. *poke* I'm okay, just got sucked into other things for a little while. I feel verrry bad I haven't gotten around to using a certain lot yet...

      I'll be updating again soonish though. (:

    2. No problem, I completely understand being sucked into other things. For the first two or three months after FO4 released, I was nowhere to be found and people were sending search parties, lol. Looking forward to your updates when you get back to it. =)

  6. Aw. SP can be really cruel sometimes.

    The look on Perenna and Reggies faces while popping champagne at 20ft in the air was awesome. Congrats on their anniversary!

    1. haha, I liked those screenshots too. (: Thanks for reading!

  7. Like how Perenna and Reggie used their romantic day to spy a bit. Always have some time for that.

    So Ceth doesn't know if her mum abandoned her. Explains why she's been so *cough* troubled. Does her staying in the different lifestats a bit longer than other sims, have something to do with her powers?

    To bad with Igor, but Ben didn't seem to broken up about it.

    1. Yup, Ceth staying young for longer did have to do with her mother's magic. (: Ceth has latent magic of her own, but is rarely one to successfully unlock it.

  8. Yes! Nobody died today either! (I figure a wedding anniversary and the spring festical both totally count as a doubling-down of fate)...

    I'll bet on triples then. Reggie must live... forever! (Is his ex wife still alive?)

    1. I don't remember if I made a note of it in the story when Venessa died. Sorries!