Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chapter 61: Music Moves

Water... your... f***ing... plants... ♪

Now that she's leveled up in career notoriety, Lucida is invited back to Acqua Verde, the club that rejected her for its simfest. She has a drink (called Winning Streak) at their bar before dressing up to go on stage.


Wait... what?

Is this some kind of JOKE? Swan on Fire isn't going out in THIS.

She hastily finds some other clothes in her bag and tries to make it work.

Sims slowly trickle in to watch Lucida juggle fire. Her special effects equipment is malfunctioning, and so is the setting stage menu, but the show must go on.

Freeze frame images don't do an acrobat's fancy twirls and jumps much justice.

Teenage Gillian GilsCarbo is here, with her mother Ambra Ferrari.

Gillian's twin brother, Anselmo Ferrari, shows up later with Cinzia Almeria.

I... I don't know?????

The ball is quite glitchy, but I did get it to work for this performance.

Izalee is here.

She doesn't feel like being in the same room as Dean, though, so she leaves after only a few minutes.

She lets Ceth play around with the karaoke machine upstairs, since nobody is up here to be annoyed by it.

Ceth really gets into it.

After that, some gaming. Synesthesia for Izzy, and Music Moves for Ceth.

Lucida's awesome performance lands her a steady weekly gig at Acqua Verde.

The next day is Snowflake Day, prompting Ben to beg to throw a party.

He's glad his mother could make it, though once again his father is too busy to attend family functions, and simply doesn't show up.

No, Ceth. Snowflake Day isn't all about you.

The guests crowd in, the gift pile grows tall, and the routing failure intensifies.

Seriously Ben, couldn't you have at least put on a festive sweater, you boring piece of shit?

That weird moment, when your cousin/boss decides to skinny dip in your hot tub during a holiday party.

Ben's sister Lynnette is upset with Don Enmity for some reason.

(No, he's not the baby-daddy. That would be Ronald Moretti.)

Roberto Lombardi-Seng (former teen bully) shows up uninvited with a plate of cold hot dogs.

Even Lynnette thinks this is awkward.

Good thing Izalee is downstairs tending her plants, avoiding the shit out of this party.

Lynnette eyes up the hot dogs.

Reggie's brother Ray, the only sibling he still has in Monte Vista since Petra's passing, has hit elder stage. Gysael, if she's still alive, wouldn't be too far behind him.

A chess set! Carlos wanted one of those so badly.

Izzy sneaks upstairs once the more annoying guests have gone. Aww.

Don, Ray and Terry are the last to leave.

Ceth and Carlos rush upstairs after their showers to play with the new chess set.

Etc.: Acqua Verde is The Haute Place redecorated to better fit my Monte Vista. I'll get better pics of it in summer, maybe, when the downstairs isn't half flooded with snow.

This was my first successful gift giving party. Every other time I've tried it, it just glitched out and never happened.

Oh, and of course I'm using mods that let kids play instruments. It always seemed stupid to me that they couldn't, so I'm thrilled these mods exist now.


  1. I guess that you have a bot fan in your neighborhood, hence the cardboard box bot outfit? Maybe Cal has a new bestie?

    I've never had a successful gift giving party, so grats!

    I need to download that mod--I've been meaning to download it for awhile. It doesn't make any sense that kids can't play instruments, garden, do laundry, etc., so I'm glad that this mod exists. :D

    1. Yeah, box freak is Ambra Ferrari (the lady in sunglasses) a minute after I took the pic of her and Gillian. I guess she might be a Bot Fan? I'd just never seen a Bot Fan in action before.

      Lol @ Cal having a new bestie. That's adorable.

  2. Those mods seem really cool. I always found it silly how kids couldn't play the guitar, but they could write a novel (logic).

    The gift giving party was sweet, it was nice seeing Mech (that was Mech, right?)
    Speaking of robots, was the orange one dabbing? It looks like it was dabbing! xD

    1. Yeah, Mech was at the gift giving party. (:

      Orange one is Cal. What is dabbing?

    2. You don't know what dabbing is?
      Follow the link and welcome to 2k16 Becky

    3. Ah. Okay. Well... no, I think he's sitting at the table, waving his arms around happily. xD

  3. I like that Lucida refused to wear that crazy acrobat get-up :D
    The picture with Cal and the bot fan is hilarious! I had no idea about bot fans until now. I love how she's sitting and staring at Cal so awkwardly xD

    Thanks for mentioning that mod for kids! I had to look it up - so awesome! I need that.

    1. No prob. For anyone else curious, it's at MTS:

      It's a collection of a bunch of mods that give kids animations to do things EA only allowed older sims to do. Laundry, instruments, gardening, alchemy, etc etc etc.

  4. I think it's wonderful that Monte Vista went from not allowing bots any rights at all to having people that creepy stalk bots while dressed as bots.

    Ceth is absolutely adorable. =)

    1. Thanks!

      I guess it makes sense the bots would have fans. If only bots cared about bots, the laws would never have changed.


  5. Yes! That outfit for acrobats it's seriously WTF inducing. Just a wee bit ott. Sucks her stage and ball are starting to glitch out on her. Hopefully you're able to continue the career if you're having fun with it. It sure looks like Lucida is having fun with it.

    Oooo, you're brave to throw a gift giving party! At least the brothers took that opportunity to become friends. lol.

    1. Hehe, I'm glad I got that shot of them turning friends.

  6. The acrobat stuff is so cool to watch! I've never explored that career very much.

    Mech came to the gift-giving party, how sweet!

    1. Lucida is my first acrobat. (: I intentionally left all the expansion careers alone until I roll them. That helps keep my legacies interesting for me, knowing there is gameplay I have yet to mess with.

  7. Yes! For once nobody died during your party! Score one for fate or are we doubling down on danger next time? *slightly wicked smiling*