Monday, August 15, 2016

Chapter 59: Ephemeral

Lucida and Perenna talk about their awesome bods.

Perenna doesn't have much longer to enjoy it, since she ages up in a few days.

Knife juggling practice.

Izalee still does not trust her brother in law, but she loves her nephews, and is happy to spend time with them while their parents are busy during the day.

Even looking at this is painful.

Sad Cayenne eyes...

Izalee rolls a wish to use a high level cleaning spell on the house, but she must have fucked it up, because this happens.

The entire house is trashed by roving balls of red light.

Yes, the ENTIRE house. All three floors.

The furniture is singed and scarred, mold appears on the counters, all of the appliances break, and even the food in the fridge spoils. All of it.

The game crashes before I actually have to deal with this.

I reopen the game, avoid Izzy's wish, and watch toddlers for a while.

Ceth is a lot happier with Carlos now that he speaks her language.

Picture spam intensifies...

This evening is Lucida's big show!

Her mother in law, Terry, shows up, despite the devastating recent death of Carlos Moretti, Terry's lover on the side. Terry's first grandson's name also being Carlos was a coincidence too awkward to bring up, since all three of Terry's children were oblivious to her love affairs.

The show's decor theme is "bots".

The crowd loves it.

Grim comes for Polka that night, plunging Dog Person trait Reggie into mourning again.

Polka was not just a dog. She was Gysael and Rohane's dog.

Ceth eventually ages up... into a pretty much normal(?) child, appalled by the nursery she shares with two annoying toddlers.

Ceth is given the room across from Izalee's (where Loki and Cayenne were staying, not so long ago). She wastes no time hoarding her favorite toys away from Carlos and Milo's clawing hands.

She was allowed to pick out one new toy for her birthday.

Her choice was an electric guitar.

It's wintertime, so Ben rolls a wish to change up the holiday lights. This cheerful multicolored number is selected, since Ben thinks the blue icicle lights were way too on the nose for a house Izalee lives in.


Lucida dashes off to the festival grounds to break in winter with style.

Perenna is an elder now.

Her first rolled wish as an elder is to ice skate.

Mech, you're doing it wrong.

Reggie spends the morning playing with his youngest grandson.

He can't predict when his time will be up.

No need to get that blatant about it, man.


Mech hops over to remind his creator to vote. Robot rights are still tenuous.

S'up Chad.

Remember to vote, Chad.


Leave it to Grim to ruin a nice day.

Chad leaves us, perhaps eager to be reunited with Petra, who passed away a few days ago.

Lucida is pretty sad about the death of one of her uncles.

She even rolls a wish to resurrect Chad. I'm going to ignore it of course.

Lucida makes the most of the situation, quickly grabbing the reaper and taking a selfie.

This photo evidence of badassery may come in handy someday.

Like, when she's trying to convince her weresons to listen to her.

The reaper's appearance made everything cold, dark and snowy all of sudden.

The first snowfall of the season is an excellent time for snowboarding, Lucida decides.

She's been waiting to do this for like, her whole life.

Etc.: Tried to hop on the No Man's Sky bandwagon, but my computer can't run it. :( My boyfriend's computer runs it just fine though. His starting planet was all volcanoes and giant mushrooms, so he named it Morrowind. 


  1. Holy cow--I have never gotten a witch high enough level to do that ritual, so I have never seen it fail. That is brutal. o.o

    Goodbye, sweet Chad and also Polka. Also, Perenna looks so different as an elder. What happened to her hot bod??

    1. Hot bods are just not something sim elders are allowed to have!

      Perenna's face got super cute, though.

  2. So did Ceth really age slower than normal kids or were you just referring to how much story happened aince she was born? It did seem like an awfully long toddler stage, but I'm not complaining - she was adorable! And it's awesome how you have some instruments for her as a kid.

    When you mentioned the reaper and the picture with Izzy's spell backfiring came up, I feared something terrible o.o Well, everything in the house breaking is pretty terrible actually... for once it was a lucky thing that the game crashed!

    How does your boyfriend like No Man's Sky? My boyfriend and I were thinking of getting it, but then people started saying that it's actually boring. Now we're not sure :/

    1. I used MasterController to lengthen Ceth's toddler stage, so she would be closer in age to Carlos and Milo. Kind of cheaty, but, meh. Story reasons.

      (I've been playing the challenge for years! I've earned this, right?!)

      Poor No Man's Sky. Victim of its own hype, lol. My boyfriend loves No Man's Sky, but it's definitely not a game for everyone. That type of game was something he knew he'd love. I haven't watched any of the videos detailing gameplay, but I know there are a lot out there, so I'd suggest watching some before making a decision if money is a concern.

  3. Woah! The cleaning spell pretty much obliterates the house if it's done wrong? Damn. They weren't playing around with that one.

    All the kids are so cute <3 Will Ceth become a rock star in this reality too?

    I've seen videos of people playing No Man's Sky and it looks really cool (even though the crash landing bit freaked me out) and entertaining, but I don't think it's a game I'd enjoy; I don't like exploring games too much. It was entertaining to watch but that may be because the person I was watching was entertaining

    1. That was my first attempt at the cleaning spell. I don't think there will be a second attempt.

      We'll just have to see what Ceth wants!

      I was pretty bummed about not being able to run No Man's Sky. My boyfriend plays all day and talks about it nonstop, and I would have liked to have a frame of reference for all the gibberish coming out of his mouth.

  4. Ceth is so cute. But she always was. =)
    I am sad about Polka. And Petra and Chad.
    I'm thinking about No Man's Sky, it sounds right up my alley. But Fallout sucks enough of my time right now and I'm wary of falling down another obsession hole.

    1. The obsession hole is why it was so hard for me to come back to sims, lulz. But here I am.

      I'm a little sad about Petra as well. Polka was super old and had it coming though. Fo real.

  5. The one time your game crashing is actually a relief!

    Lucida looks like her career is going well. Acrobat antics are fun to watch!

    I thought Grim came for Reggie for a second, but it was for Chad. Phew!

  6. Rainbow guitar FTW!

    Sheesh. That spell backfiring. Ouch.

    I love that purple glittery ice skating rink. Also love how Grim heralded winter weather. Fitting. lol Also lots of fun to see the bots around town. <3

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! :D I remember going through and trying to make my festival lot match a color scheme, but I don't remember what all I changed, it was so long ago.

  7. What mod are you using to allow Ceth to play guitar? Or is it a pose?

    I wonder if Ceth's aging discrepancies are related to the plot... guess I'll find out? :p

    I'll be sad when Reggie goes :(

    1. This is the mod:

      Rather, it's a collection of mods that allow kids to do various things they couldn't before. :D