Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chapter 62: Seagulls

Ceth treks out to the lighthouse, to see up close what has always been a hazy, mysterious pillar in the distance. She likes the ocean. She doesn't understand why. It is unforgiving and inhospitable towards human life. Why should it bring her any comfort?

She sighs. Way at the top of the tower, the light slowly rotates, and the seagulls circle as if they are chasing it. Perhaps the ocean is comforting because there is the wistful thought of mysterious lands on the other side?

Ceth frowns, listening to the crunching noise as she drives the tip of her boot further into the snow. She has always felt like she's really supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. But without such things as gods to tell her what it is, she must bury these disconcerting feelings. They don't make any sense... nobody would understand...

Ceth waves to the imagined shores far away, and to the light, and to the gulls, wishing for a moment that she could see what they see, and go so far as they can go...

Of course, they do not answer.

Perenna bumps into Maria Giordano in town.

 Star cut unlocked!

Milo ages up.

"Ugh," Ceth complains. "You look like you were attacked by a highlighter."

"Can I still play up here with you guys?" Milo begs.

Ceth blinks. "Yeah, of course. We're been waiting for you."

There are no spare rooms left in the house, so Milo gets to sleep in the nursery. Forever.

He was allowed to redecorate a little bit, but his parents said the pink floors stay.

Reggie cooks a big mushroom omelette breakfast to kick off Milo's first day at school. The table isn't big enough to seat the elders with everyone else, but Reg doesn't mind.

This is Carlos's favorite dish by the way, but he's too absorbed in the Adventures of Raymundo to eat right now.

"Carlos, put the book down. Milo, set the plate on the table to eat," Ben uses a warning tone.

The manners of these kids. Like they were raised by wolves or something.

"What does Dad even do, again?" Carlos grumbles. Six o'clock in the morning is far too early to eat breakfast or have to see a tie, in his opinion, but if he wants to see his father before school this is the hour he has to get up at.

Lucida gets her chance to participate in another simfest, this one at the big outside park.

The stage setup feature is glitchy and unpredictable. What you are seeing here is four different themed sets layered on top of each other. While setting up, it was a western theme, but once Lucida started performing, objects from every other performance popped up as well.

Ben's sister, Tori Taylor, shows up in the audience, standing way back from everyone else.

She grew from an awkward teenager into a not-as-awkward adult.

She is not to be confused with Ben's cousin Tami, his cousin once removed named Toni, his mother Terry, or his other sister Lynnette.

Ben himself shows up after his workday ends. Lucida is still chilling at the park, "watching the show", even though her competition is invisible (or, I suspect, glitched nonexistent). Everyone just keeps cheering...

"Why don't we go home?" Lucida suggests.

"But what if you win?" Ben asks. "What about your prize?"

"Maybe you can give me a prize," she purrs.

Lucida does end up winning this snazzy trophy.

Ummm. C'mon, now, Perenna. That was part of Scarlett's beloved collection.

Caveman gnome and witch gnome are getting along nicely.

Carlos lets out a long sigh. "Ceth, do you mind? Trying to do my homework."

Ceth doesn't stop strumming on her guitar. "I'm already done with my homework. It was easy."


"So go do yours in your room. Slowpoke."

"Or YOU could go play with your dumb ukulele in YOUR room."

"Slow slow slow slow slowpoke. Carlos is so dumb. ♪"

"I'm going to remember this the next time you want to copy off my math homework."

"Math is for boring people ♪"

"Every material comfort you have is because of math."

"Boring people exist to make me things ♪"

Literature is definitely not Carlos's best subject. He'd almost rather gouge his eye out with this pencil than tell the teacher what they want to hear about Nick Carraway's importance to the history of narration.

Milo is very different from Carlos, always happy to build social bridges and try to talk about Ceth's interests, even when he has no understanding of them. As the youngest child in the house, all he wants to do is hang out with and be accepted by the older kids.

Much like his mother as a child, Milo has seemingly endless energy.

Lucida does her best to entertain Milo when the other children are too caught up in their own interests to pay attention to him. She is pleased to have such a close relationship with her children, though she hopes they eventually make friends outside the household.

Lucida demonstrates a fancy catch.

(Notice how frozen Izzy's garden is.)

"Ow! Don't throw so hard, Mom!"

Carlos finds being a werewolf really helps with immersion when he's pretending to be an alien, or an astronaut infected with space-plague.

"I think we scared Ceth," Milo points out.

"She's just acting," Carlos scoffs. "She wants to grow up to be an actress now."

"I thought she wanted to be a painter."

"Before that, it was a rock star..."

"And a fashion designer," Milo recalls, shuddering.

"You morons are ruining the scene," Ceth whispers.

Gem hunting!!!!

The tiberium collection worries Izalee. Its psychic energy resonance is pretty strong. She can hear her own thoughts projected back at her when she gets too close.

Ben praises Ceth for doing her homework. Ceth may be a smart kid, but motivating her to do things she doesn't want to do is a constant battle.

The days grow warmer as spring approaches. The snow never got deep enough for anyone to fulfill their wishes involving snowball fights or snowmen. Kind of sad.

When spring finally does arrive, turning most trees a pale green, Izalee is of course thrilled to get back to her garden. She has a lot of work to do.

Etc.: Nick Carraway is the narrator of The Great Gatsby. What do you think about Nick? Fill in your answer on the scantron in number 2 pencil only please.

A) The Great Gatsby had a narrator?

B) This is a joke, right?

C) What do you mean the book was in first person?!

D) No, I swear I read it! Nobody named Nick did anything!

In other news, my boyfriend bought me a new graphics card so I could play No Man's Sky. This was a highly unexpected move, and I've been trying to show my deep appreciation by playing the shit out of No Man's Sky. He seems to be having a lot of fun watching me play. Updates may be a little slower as I try to learn alien languages one word at a time, while being gnawed on by angry space goats.


  1. I'm going to ignore your little pop quiz in the end because... uh... D)

    I loved the bit with Ceth in the beginning! I wonder if she's ever going to meet her mom and uncle... and Rain! I miss them! Fishing for information here...

    Thanks for the tip about checking out videos of No Man's Sky first, btw. I could totally see myself having fun with that, but then I was reminded of the first time the bf and I discovered Minecraft and spent A DAY AND A NIGHT glued to that. I can't take stuff like this anymore. I need my sleep.
    Did you discover anything amazing yet? :D

    1. I've discovered a lot of amazing things! My favorite planet was actually a moon. It was covered in red grass (I'm good at finding planets covered in red grass), and none of the animals had legs. They just bounced around like cartoon gummy things.

  2. In NMS, if you feed animals stuff, they'll poop minerals for you ^-^ (something I learned from browsing around the interwebs).

    I hope Ceth learns about her mum and uncle soon so then she'll have a better sense of where she's come from. That picture of her flying that kite is cute, since when could sims have kites?! Or is it a mod?

    The three kids are all so cute together, but I think Ceth's my favourite

    1. The kite comes from the Golden Ticket Toy Shop store set. (: I think it's part of Midnight Hollow. I never messed around much with Midnight Hollow, but I have the toy shop in Monte Vista because Reg makes toys for a living, heh.

  3. I feel so left out, because I'm like "What's No Man's Sky?" :o. I'm a simple person.

    All that Tiberium! The bills must be bonkers.

    I love Ceth. <3

    1. The premise of No Man's Sky is you get plopped down in a galaxy where things just... work differently... such as copper floats... and you fix up the ship you ostensibly crashed there in, and set out exploring. There are sentient aliens to learn about, different ships to acquire, and tons of creepy alien wildlife to document. The game is basically a huge experiment in procedural generation. The buildings, what the planet looks like, what lives on it, what kinds of ships are in the system... all procedural generation. There are more stars than is possible to explore (even if everyone on Earth were playing), but you can name what you discover (the systems, planets, moons, flora, fauna and rocks). It's possible someone will stumble across the stuff you discovered and named. My boyfriend has found some previously discovered systems, but I haven't yet.

      I plan to do something with the Tiberium. xD I hate the noises it makes.

  4. The beginning was so lovely and poetic. And soothing.
    Maybe the reappearing stage sets are an effect of the universes being reset all the time? Or maybe just and EA glitch because Showtime is broken...

    Ceth is as indecisive in this universe as she was before. And I love her as much as ever. Milo and Carlos are also both wonderful, each in his own way. You really do so well the children. I know I always say that, but it's true and I remain impressed.

    I actually remember Nick Carraway because when I had to read Gatsby in high school, I somehow got lost in shipping him with Jordan and completely missed the point of the book. I don't remember anything my teacher had to say about it either.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for your comments. (:

      That uneasy feeling is something Ceth carries over in every new cycle. She just attributes it to different factors. Fun!

      Haha, shipped?! That's adorable. The scene I remember most strongly involving Nick was that one time he got drunk. I remember it because I remember looking up across the room, frowning to myself, and thinking "damn, this man can't even do something exciting when he's hammered". I was pretty young, so my expectations of what typically happens when someone gets hammered were unrealistically high.

  5. I need a scantron (E) please for All Of The Above. As in, Nick was bar none the *most* boring character in the story. Quite forgettable and understandably so.

    Poor Ceth. That's gotta be tough to feel that way without knowing why. Love her passing out for scene though. lol. She can do nothing by halves.

    Ceth and the kite was sweet. I had to remove those from all my sims though. For whatever reason each and every time they go to fly them they get struck by lightning. :/

    1. Yeah man, it's like someone dared Fitzgerald to write a narrator that made people forget the story was even in first person.

      Whoa! I've never had a sim use the kite and get struck by lightning lol. Guess I'm lucky or you're unlucky.