Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chapter 60: Night Vision

♪ I... don't wanna play... I just wanna bang on me drum all day... ♪

Polka is still dead. More news at 6.

Being a parent is exhausting.


NO. Absolutely NO pinchies.

Ceth has been calling Reggie and Perenna "Grandpa" and "Grandma" since she could talk, so getting older and finding out they were not actually her grandparents was kind of a shock.

Despite how kindly the family treats her, she is jealous of Carlos and Milo, who have a mother and a father. Everyone at school has at least one or the other, too. Izalee is legally Ceth's adoptive mother, but she doesn't like being called "Mom" (it makes her feel old), so this leaves Ceth feeling a bit troubled and left out.

Ceth channels some of her emotional uncertainty into paintings.

Carlos ages up. The cake taste isn't even out of his mouth before Ceth drags him into the bathroom and gives him a haircut.

"MUCH better!" she says, clapping. "I've been practicing on my dolls."

Carlos shrugs. "Yeah whatever."

"I'm going to be a hair stylist when I grow up."

"That's not a real thing, is it?"

"It is!" Ceth insists. "I've seen them style actors' hair at Grandma's work."

Perenna is at the top of her career now. She is a well-respected director.

Ceth likes sitting in Perenna's special director's chair.

Like Ceth, Carlos is given his own bedroom upstairs. His chosen birthday present is a telescope.

Carlos is into space stuff. How cool would it be if sims could travel to distant stars?

Alas, this is only possible in his dreams.

 With Carlos and Ceth in school, poor little Milo is lonely in the nursery.

"These home grown onions really make the best onion fingers." Ben tries to curry favor with Izalee, but she just smiles unconvincingly at her bowl of soup and says nothing to him.

There's a simfest happening today at some club on Toscana Drive.

Sadly, Lucida is judged ineligible to compete.

Some of Izalee's inside planters inexplicably begin to freeze over, as if they were outside.

Reggie experiences a glitch that forces him to un-consign all of his inventions.

"I don't WANT to learn to garden! OR eat creepy witch cheese grown on a vine!"

Parenting Ceth is not easy. She's a very moody child.

What did I do to deserve this? Izalee wonders.

Ceth never apologizes for being a little diva, but she tends to instantly forget about being angry. Two minutes after a tirade, she's trying to teach Izzy a song.

Trying to get the adult interested in what she's interested in. As kids do.

Eh, maybe everything will be fine.

Howling at moon.

Milo tries really hard to copy his mother, but his howl is barely a squeak.

"Why are you doing that?" Ceth sighs. "The grown-ups cook for us. You don't need to."

"I like cooking," Carlos answers. "It's very math-y. And they won't trust me with a chemistry set, so this is the closest I can get."

"Uggghh. You are such a nerd."

Carlos rolls his eyes. Both children supposedly have the genius trait. So why doesn't Ceth even like math? He's calling shenanigans on this.

"I wanna have my own boat someday," she informs him.

"Going to sail far away and find your alien parents?"

"Shut up llamaface. I want it because I think the ocean is rad. It like, speaks to me."

"What does it say?" Carlos's tone is understandably skeptical.

"It says Carlos smells like a llama."

Despite the ground being covered in sparkling white, this winter is starting out gloomy, with constant dark skies overhead.

Carlos and Ceth are determined to enjoy their weekend anyway.

They spend Sunday at the festival grounds, drinking hot cocoa and watching people snowboard. They are the only children here, so they have the playground all to themselves.

Pumpkins ready for harvesting.

Ben's favorite food is pumpkin pie... but that's... totally irrelevant, probably?

Carlos rolls a wish to have his face painted, but no matter how many times he goes into the tent, the face painting artist just trolls him.

Perenna and Reggie spend most evenings in. They are as much of a loving couple as ever, consistently rolling cuddly romantic wishes.

It's getting pretty late.

"Watch me!" Ceth calls out, as she spins in graceful circles.

"We need to get home," Carlos responds, not really looking. "It's nearly curfew."

Ceth isn't done skating, so. She refuses to go home.

Convincing Ceth of anything is a fool's errand. She's just too stubborn.

Carlos shrugs and walks home by himself.


Izalee was quite unhappy to find out Carlos left Ceth all alone.

He wanders up to Ceth's room to sulk for a while.

Perenna checks on her grandson.

"Why am I in trouble for something Ceth did?" he whines.

"Sometimes we have to do whatever we can to protect our pack," she explains. "Even if what you're protecting them from is themselves."

"But she's not in any danger," Carlos protests.

"Ceth could easily get lost in the dark. In the cold!" Perenna dramatizes. "Her night vision is terrible compared to yours."

Carlos narrows his glowy eyes. "I guess," he concedes.


Welp. Somebody's grounded.

Etc.: Perenna's thing as an elder is constantly, autonomously pinching the kids' cheeks. I don't really have much for her to do now that she's at the top of her career, so I just let her roam around doing whatever most of the time, and what she chooses to do is stalk Ceth and Carlos for cheek pinching. I can't remember if this is typical elder behavior or not. Reggie doesn't do this.

The misc. fun for generation 3 is Fashion Diva, by the way. That one is pretty easy for me to complete since giving my sims lots of different outfits has become habitual.


  1. Now I have that song stuck in my head! Except in my mind it's Steve Carrell singing it.

    I love Carlos' hair. Ceth did a good job. XD I also love the banter between the two.

    WereMilo is adorable. <3

    1. I'll be honest, I don't even know who's supposed to sing it. xD

  2. It's cool seeing Ceth growing up under different circumstances. With the Archers she often lacked other kids to play with, but now she has that plus a grumpy non-mom. :D Still, she's becoming an adorable little diva. Those boots are so cute too! Are they CC?

    Indoor plants freezing over and going dormant in winter is so annoying. A huge oversight with the planters on EA's part.

    I can't get enough of those werewolf toddler pics! <3

    1. The boots are CC. I forget where I picked them up, sorry. ^.^' It's been so long.

      The frozen plants tended to only be so for a single day (right after planting). Then they'd function normally. That's still a lost day, which sucks since I'm trying to get Izalee that top of career trophy.

    2. The boots were by Anubis on his tumblr.

      Thought I'd help out and find them... I needed to redownload anyway.

    3. Thanks, Kadience! Those boots are probably my favorite CC footwear.

    4. Awesome, thanks for the link Kadience!

      Oh wow, I thought they were dormant all winter. Phew! One day is still a long time for someone with a lifespan of 90-ish days though :/

  3. Werewolf toddlers are the cutest thing! Their little howls <3 (I remember when I had two werewolf toddlers in my legacy, I would just make them howl over and over again because it's so cute! <3) So cute! So kawaii!

    All the pinchies is cute too. I've never had an elder stick around for long enough to see it :c it's nice seeing all the pinchies here ^-^

    Carlos is adorable also, cute little nerd with an emo-y hair cut <3
    There are way too many hearts in this reply
    Here's another just for good luck <3

  4. Perenna's pinchies are hilarious. lol. She's such an adorable elder.

    Yup. Ben and Izalee are *totally* not starting to get along a little bit. Nope. Nuh-uh. :D

    Stubborn, headstrong Ceth. <3 Figures she'd love that particular chair. The brother/sister vibe with Carlos and Ceth is awesome, wonderful contrast to her original manifestation with it still being a very Ceth Ceth.

    Milo is nearly too cute.

    1. Perenna is one of my favorite elders. I feel like she actually got more adorable when she aged up.

      In some ways Ceth is actually a happier child in this iteration, with other children around constantly for her to play with. Her low points are lower, but fewer in number, if that makes sense.