Monday, August 8, 2016

Chapter 54: Weremime

Lucida is all grown up now, so she goes out and gets herself a job.

Well, anyway, after a long day's work it starts to rain, so she heads over to her boyfriend's mansion to make out with him.

It's really pouring out there.

Lucida soon strips out of her big jacket, and gets Ben out of his work suit. She enjoys the soft feel of the super expensive sheets beneath her toned legs. Ben only lives this well because of his wealthy father, and Lucida is kind of glad that Igor Rossi doesn't ever show up to ask questions about her.

As a newly activated bot, Ani's knowledge of the world around her is pre-programmed and generic. Every day brings up new subjects that were not in her internal database, or conflict with that database, so she must contemplate and revise her opinions and reactions.

She turns to painting to express her feelings to Mech. He finds this quite strange, but is happy to watch each brushstroke.

When Ani tries to perform a comedy show for him, Mech is left wondering if their creator seriously screwed up her social functioning capabilities.

With a spotlessly clean house and a sleeping toddler, Cal can find no other use for himself but to play music to entertain everyone.

Far from floundering in confusion like Ani, Cal is very curious about his strange surroundings, and especially curious about his elder brother.

Even though he has other bots to socialize with now, Mech still chats with the kitchen appliances sometimes. They've always been good company.

Mech cries over a broken television. One of his other good friends.

Since we are now into generation 3, I might as well show off the house. One of gen 2's goals was expansionist, and I think that's above and beyond completed. This entire basement area did not exist until gen 2 took over.

In the top left corner, the L shaped room is Lucida's. Plenty of room for her treasures. The room directly to the top right of the L is that huge pink bathroom, and under that is just this little... foyer area, with a nice big green rug. It makes that whole section feel more like Lucida's space, separate from the rest of the house.

Between the foyer and the hot tub room / exercise room is the sculpting area I set up with the gem cutting machine behind it.

The middle of the basement (the huge long room with the stairs) is just another living room setup (TV, sofa, some easels) with another kitchen.

Then on the right top corner is Reggie and Perenna's room. Nobody but Izzy made their beds this morning, I see. Under that room, in the right bottom corner, is the nursery, where Ceth is sleeping in her crib there.

Ground floor. Why the heck did I decide to take these pictures at night???

Top floor. None of the architecture changed during gen 2, here, but Greta & Scarlett's bedroom became Izalee's. The one with the dog bed + single bed and fish tank is where Mech sleeps. Ani and Cal do not have to sleep, so the bunk bed room is just waiting for more kids to arrive or whatever.

The covered area with the toy making machine and plumbot building station was new for gen 2. It arrived late and I got lots of pictures of it in the plumbotty chapters, but I still threw a filter over this pic in hopes you could see it better.

Will those holiday lights ever come down???

A nice day outside. This was taken back when Layla was still a teen and Reggie was still an adult. The redhead hanging out across the street at the thrift store / junk yard is Layla. I don't know who the person dressed like a criminal is.

And that's a bird flying overhead. S'up bird.

Seeing his youngest creation gravitate towards music, Reggie purchases a keyboard for Mech.

All this crap in the house is giving poor Perenna routing failure.

Etc.: Lucida's rolled career is acrobat. They start out as mimes on the street. Everyone pretty much politely ignored Lucida's miming attempts; she received only 13 simoleons in tips.

Luckily, career advancement can also be obtained through simply raising the athletic skill!


  1. Lucida's an acrobat? Well, it does suit her. I was going to comment on Beninos mantion, until you slapped up that house of theirs. The familyhouse is massive. They've got to be filthy rich by now.

    It's good to see Mech not forgetting about his old friends, tv and microwave. How do you get the robots to play instruments? The ones I've had in game, just followed the teenagers around and stared at them in the bathroom.

    1. The Goldbeard house is huge, but the Goldbeards don't have much in the way of cash on hand, lol. I think they're down to 5k. So they definitely need to work to keep the bill collectors at bay.

      Plumbot interactions are quite tricky. You need to have the right set of chips for them to be able to do what you want.

      At first Cal had a chip specifically related to music, so he could instantly play all but store content music at level 10 and knew every piece of sheet music. Later I replaced that chip with one that lets him level all skills, so he had to learn to play music over again, but could play store content and learn more skills than just music.

      Guides were helpful:

  2. Lucida being an acrobat made be ridiculously happy :D Monte Vista looks like the ideal place to have a street performer! Very pretty shots again.

    It's cool that you did your expansions as a basement so the exterior could stay the same. All the stuff may be giving Perenna routing failure, but it makes every little corner of the house interesting to look at!

    1. Thanks! The thing is, I am TERRIBLE at building house exteriors, so I wanted to preserve the original look of the house's exterior as much as possible. That way it still looks like it belongs in Monte Vista.

  3. The acrobat career is awesome! I look forward to many many pictures of Lucida being awesome. :D

    The Goldbeard house looks awesome. 'Sup bird.

    1. It's my first acrobat! Very excite. :)

  4. Oooh, the acrobat career has some wonderfully ridiculous outfits. I can't wait to see Lucida's progress.

    1. I've found some of them to be oddly fitting for Lucida. :D

  5. Funny how the daughter of an actress is performing on the street. Acrobat is a fun career.

    The lives of plumbots as they discover their world. lol.

    Oh, and nice to see Ben out of his glasses again. ;)

    1. Technically Perenna is a director, not an actress. :P But you'd think she could have gotten her daughter a career in the biz! Haha. (:

  6. Hello bird! What a cool shot!

    Nice work on the house. That basement is it's own living space.

  7. Love the house pics. Your eccentric patterns and colors are awesome as always, somehow they always make your houses look homey and comfortable.

    1. Thank you so much! I do like my sim homes to look lived in. :)