Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chapter 55: Kitty Hat

 Another wonderful day as a mime!

 Lynnette Taylor stares blankly at Lucida.

Isn't that the lady her brother, Benino, is dating? WTF?

Unlike Mech, Ani and Cal are put together from fancier (presumably snap-together) materials, and need regular tune-ups to stay running at peak efficiency. Understanding Reggie will not be around forever to help them, Mech takes it upon himself to learn how to help his siblings, in case they are ever in a position where they cannot help themselves.

Ani snatches the tuning tool away from Mech and zaps him with it to let him know he was not being gentle enough. Polite communication skills are still not her thing.

Lucida decides to be a jokester and wear a kitty hat to her graduation ceremony.

Kitty hat or not, Mech is so proud of his original fledglings!

Directly after the ceremony, Lucida rushes off to meet Ben at the seasonal festival grounds. Yes, it's suddenly raining hard again, but that's no reason to cancel a date!

Puddle splashes! So much fun!

Oh, there's Ben! He got his face painted...

He was also smart enough to bring an umbrella. So there's that.

Ben and Lucida dash into the festival grounds' indoors area, where they eat extra cheesy pizza. Ben gets up at one point to debate politics with his family's maid.

At least that's who I've decided she is, since the game has suddenly been populating my town with vanilla-face sims, some in service outfits. At first I blamed Woohooer (which I had installed to allow pregnancy in overstuffed households for a while), but the homeless maids problem continues even after I remove the mod. I don't know what to do.

The young couple migrate downstairs to bowl.

Lucida may have really high athletic skill, but when it comes to bowling, she is tripping all over herself. She blames the restricted movement in the graduation gown.

Honestly, she's feeling kind of sick, too...

She tries to make it back upstairs to the bathroom, but ends up vomiting on the floor.

"Let me drive you back home," Ben suggests kindly. There is deep concern in his voice.

As Lucida curls up in bed, she notices the ribbon she received at graduation (Most Likely to Become a Sports Star) has been framed and placed on display near her gem shelves. Probably her father's doing.

Her sports club trophy is on the table with the cactus. Lucida smiles fondly at its soft golden color as she drifts off to sleep, having forgotten to turn out the lights...

The morning brings fresh worries. Lucida does not feel much better, and she thinks she knows the reason. She can practically smell it on herself.

"I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant, Mom," she whines. "What am I going to do?"

Perenna nods. She, too, thinks her daughter is pregnant. "What do you want to do?"

Lucida has known for some time now that she wanted children, and her mother is predictably supportive. The only issue is Ben.

"He deserves to know," Perenna says. "And if you pursue your relationship and raise this child together, keep in mind that honesty is important. Ben cannot help you if he is in the dark."

"Do... do you think Dad would approve of me telling Ben about us?"

"You are grown up now. You know the character of this man better than your father or I."

Lucida smiles. Her mother always knows just what to say to make her feel better.

Lucida meets Ben in town, and starts what will be a difficult conversation by queuing up some romantic interactions. This causes Ben's ex-boyfriend, Edward, to drive up in a black car from nowhere and start freaking out.

Ben is very confused about what is happening, here.

After all, Ed is now married to Ben's cousin Tami...

"Hey, back off!" Lucida intervenes. "You're interrupting a private conversation."

Ben just smiles as his super athletic girlfriend, the most imposing person here, moves to defend him.

Ed is supposed to be a genius, but he does not take the hint.

Feeling her rage boil up to dangerous levels, Lucida resorts to calling Ed's mother a llama.

Ed gives up and drives away.

Lucida laughs nervously. She's so flustered, her next sentences don't come out at all like she planned them. "So, um, some hormone buildup there or something. I have some things to tell you. First, I'm pregnant."

Ben reacts positively, spinning her around. "That's wonderful!" he says. "Do you want to get married?" He sounds bubbly and casual, but in the back of his mind, he's very worried she will say no. If she rejects him, the resulting gossip around town would certainly damage his reputation and his career.

"I, uh, I have other things to tell you first." She planned to just show him her powers, but pregnancy is draining, and she finds she cannot transform. "Could you meet me at my house after work?"

Ben is already too much of a politician to look frazzled at all by her request. "Of course. I'll be there as soon as I'm off."

"Good. I... I need to get going. We both need to get going. You have to be at work in just 20 minutes..."

Lucida scrambles off, leaving Ben scratching his head in confusion.

With Lucida gone, Edward swoops back in to finish what he started.

Etc.: I had a scene planned out for Lucida to spill all the beans to Benino, but Edward had other plans.

The game classified Ed and Ben as still romantic interests, even though Ed is already married to and has impregnated Ben's cousin Tami. Even though he left Ben in the dust for Tami back when they were all teens.

For Lucida's sake, I decided not to write this as an affair or anything.

See? I can be benevolent sometimes.


  1. I think your homeless maid might be potential resort staff. They are a plague, much like locusts. Face One locusts. But at least they don't eat your crops...

    Edwards jealousy freak out was hilarious. EA prigrammed this stuff so poorly. Going all the way to Sims 2. I once had a Sim who went on one date with a townie who consistently rejected his romantic interactions, only allowing a final amorous hug at the end of the date. They never had another date. And then later when he married a completely different Sim, that townie stalked him regularly, kicking over his trashcan and slapping him whenever he went out in public with his wife.

    Anyway, I hope Lucida's reveal to Ben goes well. But considering how much he's concerned about appearances and his career...well, here's to hoping for the best!
    I love her maternity outfit.

    1. Thanks Melissa. No way to get rid of the resort staffers, then? :| That's crazy. I don't even have resorts in my town.

  2. Yay! Lucida is going to have a pup. :D

    Romantic relationships are so poorly programmed indeed. But it makes for funny screenshots!

    Can pregnant acrobats perform at all? I never got that far with any of my acrobats.

    1. Sadly, no, pregnant sims cannot do any acrobatic stunts at all. It was a bummer.

  3. Sorry my suggestions didn't help with your vanilla problem :/ Like yangthecat said, she does look like resort staff and not a regular maid though.

    Yay, finally some new were-babies! I'm so curious to see how their genetics will mix :)

    1. That's okay, Annie. I thank you for trying. <3

  4. Do you have Register? Check your settings. There's one that allows immigration and I've had the game suddenly decide they need jobs, etc. One family it even gave kids to and moved the kids into a house with another family, leaving mom and dad stranded in NPC land. So strange.

    Also- Ed and Ben still as romantic interests is an SP setting. I believe it's the Drop Old Flirts one. That setting led to some interesting hi-jinx in one of my challenges where my sims spouse still had a girlfriend *and* a romantic interest on the side. Darn those pesky challenges where you can't click on the uncontrollable sims. Discovering all of that was fun. lol

    I'll just cheer on Lucida and Ben from a corner until he can get off work and get away from crazy ex-lovers. lol

  5. A pup is on the way!!!

    Wow, Edward still wanted Ben to himself. One of those "If I can't have him no one can" types. Or just bad EA programming. xD