Monday, June 23, 2014

Chapter 13: Slow Down

Petra's adult age-up day finally arrives.

She's so excited to be out of here.

I know the rabbithole graduation ceremony at city hall was BORING, Greta, but you don't have to make such a big show about it.

"Ummm... I'm trying to eat here..."

"Just let me spend some time with my favorite brother on my last night here, would ya?" Petra moves into an apartment with some other recent high school graduates tomorrow.


"So, see you at the gig on Saturday? Don't keel over before then."

"Hey, I'll do my best."

Petra moves out, leaving the Goldbeard house stats at: 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 children and 1 puppy.

Vox knows you're a witch, Greta. Don't deny it.

The kids love the puppy. It was a good investment.

"Ew, Gysael, that pizza is rank... it's got a green stink cloud and everything!"

"It's just got an herb on it, Ray."


Scarlett groans. "Do you think you could do something about it on your own?"

 "Look, I can cast magic without the focusing stick now!"

"That's great, kid... don't get us all killed..."

Since starting high school, Rohane has had zero luck getting any of his female classmates to notice him, so he's shocked when a girl walks straight up to him and Reggie.

She introduces herself as Venessa Giordano, niece of Scarlett's drummer and cousin to the terrible Maria.

Venessa has always been curious about the "odd blue people" her aunt is so fond of, and while Rohane is stunned into silence by such blunt phrasing, his brother seems a little too pleased...

...and takes it as an invitation to start flirting with this girl.

Whoooa slow down, Reg... (It looks like Venessa is digging you though.)

Greta checks on the health of a tree while she spies on her sons' attempts to socialize.

You're staring at her boobs, Rohane telepaths.

Reggie frowns. Am not! Don't talk in my head.

Reggie wasn't the only one of Greta and Scarlett's children to inherit the potential to work with magic. Rohane's progress has been slower than his elder brother's, however.

"You're better at this no matter what I do," Rohane grumbles. "And it's stupid anyway. If I can't use it to take sweet revenge on any jerkface at school, what good is it?"

"Well... you could... but..."

"But Mama would hex me to the ceiling for the rest of my life. Yeah. Great."

"We should use it to screw with people," Gysael insists. Once she reaches adolescence, her powers should blossom as well. "Since no one believes in magic, no one can prove it was us!"

"Yeah, I used to think the same thing. Then I realized I didn't want the secret police to feed my internal organs to werewolverines."

Gysael smiles devilishly. She's got her hair tied back lazily; there's no use for the big ear-covering braids when she's only in the house. "What if Mom's making that up just so we behave?"

"Yeah, I used to wonder the same thing. Then I got older, and I thought about it more, and I realized people are way better at communication than we give ourselves credit for. For non-vampire magic to be such a secret, there's got to be one hell of a vicious cover-up operation going on."

Cookie Damage assembles for its second gig!

 There's Marta, Goopy's wife.

The poor woman seems to have only gained more weight since the birth of their son Gilberto.

Super important pre-performance tips.

"I wish we could use our own instruments."

 Marta and the mixologist are the only fans here. That's double last time's crowd.

"Dad, if you break your spine when we don't even have an audience, I swear..."

Since Petra aged up and left the house, Greta has seemed more depressed than usual.

"Greta?" Scarlett sits beside his wife. His tone is gentle, but wary. "I need to know we're okay. That you're okay. I know we weren't sure what to do when we arrived in Monte Vista... and you were scared... and I sort of took charge, looking for a place for us to settle down and sort things out, and, I... I know we'd been traveling for all of our adult lives before that. And thanks to me, we've been here for... well... long enough for a kid to grow up. That's a long time." Ages of pent-up guilt spill out. "If you ever wanted to leave... I'm behind you... we have money now, but we haven't talked about this. You know I'd go wherever you want to go."

"Scarlett..." she shushes him, leans in to cuddle with him.

She smiles. "I wouldn't trade what we have for all the answers in the world."

Etc.: Down to seven sims again. Six if the dog doesn't count.

Petra's adult self cleaned up pretty well I think! I have a file of her saved, and will put it up for download when I'm finished writing about her family someday maybe.


  1. Aw! Petra is really pretty.

    Scarlet's sweet move was epic, once again.
    But in the band's preshow pic, all I could hear was "Cookie Damage, Assssseeemblllllleeeee!"

    Venessa is cute.

    Scarlet's offer to Greta was really sweet. I can imagine sending her oldest out on her own was really hard for her to take. She still seems to be struggling a lot.

  2. Petra's very pretty, I love that excited picture of her at the beginning :)

    Is that a bit of romance coming up for Reggie? I hope it works out for him.

    I feel so bad for Greta, she seems so sad.

    1. Hmm... I'm not sure if he'll end up romancing Venessa, but the pics were too funny not to use.

      I do like Venessa's looks.

  3. See, Reggie's Elrond hair is helping him pick up the ladies! Good for him.

    Petra grew up to be adorable. And d'aaaw--Scarlett's a sweetie.

  4. Petra did age up well! I'm glad we can still see her sometimes since she's playing with Cookie Damage.

    I love the last scene with Scarlett and Greta; so sweet.

  5. The gig remind me of some of my husband's band's gigs, back in the day. 11pm on Wednesday nights, and the whole audience was the girlriends/wives of the band.