Friday, June 6, 2014

Chapter 4: Killdeer

Scarlett and Greta throw a crib in the one bedroom in their one-bedroom house, and settle into a routine. They even cram a loft bed in there, because they are a couple that plans ahead.

Or so they are telling themselves.

And Greta has been pulling in some unexpected simoleons since she started asking Scarlett to sell her paintings at the local consignment shop, so Scarlett has slightly less pressure to busk every day, leading to more time spent around his wife and newborn daughter.

So Greta is confused when Scarlett comes back from the consignment shop with a painting that isn't hers.

"If you wanted me to paint a killdeer, you could have asked," she says.

"It reminds me of home," he replies pitifully.

And then the sink breaks because of course it does.

Petra's skin color never went back to blue, but Greta can tell by the eyes that this isn't some weird case of baby replacement. That and she's pretty sure the fae stopped doing that changeling crap a long time ago.

Petra grows into a toddler. She has her father's dark hair and brown eyes, and her mother's nose.

Before long, the kid is taking her first steps and talking about fashion.

"I have a hat!"

It's almost autumn, and the tree in the yard begins its hateful shedding.

Scarlett goes outside to rake, but gives up pretty much immediately and lays down half naked on a towel to contemplate the uselessness of raking leaves.

"Hey, guitar guy! Don't you know it's raining?! Go inside!"

Too cold to go out this morning.

Yeah, there are other things to do besides go out and work for a living, but you don't have to get carried away.

The fools got carried away.

With another baby on the way, the autumn festival seems like a likely place to earn some pity money.

Unfortunately, only Erika Lin's cat agrees.

Petra entertains herself while Greta is absorbed in her craft.

Jamming with dad.

Nobody panics this time.

Again, Greta gives birth to a blue-skinned child.

Scarlett secretly hopes another ghost will show up to fix that, but since the gnome was vanquished last chapter, there have been no further hauntings.

The baby's name is Reggie. His family has scraped together enough money to build proper nursery for him.

Reggie is soon old enough to play with his sister, but she's more interested in her toy car.

Etc.: Sooo, there it is. The first object in Scarlett's "my precious" collection.

The theme is "stuff that reminds him of home". It is also stuff that reminds the narrator of home.

But to keep it more simple than that, the theme is "beach stuff".

For the purposes of my blog, Monte Vista does not have the same climate or environment as Barnacle Bay.

The killdeer is a "shore bird", and it was a common sight on the coast where I grew up... but it's so adaptable, you'll find it pretty much anywhere in North America. I've seen them in fields in Tennessee, and in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

If you look closely, the painting I have in the game is labeled "Sand Plover". It doesn't much resemble the greater or lesser sand plover (I suspect it's a ringed plover, maybe), but most plovers (including killdeer) can be found frolicking in the sand, so I can only assume the artist meant for it to be read in a general sense.

The "sand plover" label on the painting is in English, so Scarlett and Greta can't read it anyway...


  1. How the heck do you keep getting such adorable toddlers? I mean, I like the toddlers in my game, and there are some good looking spawn in others. But yours? <3 So tricking cute always.

    I foresee lots of bullying in Reggie's future, but damn does he has adorable colouring.

    1. First, I studied black magic for several years, sacrificing my social life...

      I do like Greta's blue eyes with Scarlett's blue skin. Unintentionally nice combo.

  2. Since the painting reminded him Scarlett of home, has he managed to make any connections to his past life? (e.g. perhaps he lived near a beach? or maybe his family visited the sea often?)

    Congrats on non glitchy baby skin!

    1. Scarlett remembers many details about his old life, actually. He's only forgotten a few key things, such as how to get back home.

      From the standpoint of our universe, that doesn't make much sense, but traveling long distances in Scarlett's universe is more of a big deal. Communication between cities is not that good.

  3. Petra is so cute with her blue hair and little hat <3 and Reggie is cute too, luckily he's not too blue and that no ghosts turned him white.

    Scarlett seems to have more feline fans than human fans. Ah well, cats like music too, right? Did my tips on using the subway help? I remember that my busker made loads in the subway! She's earn about 4000 over a day's work.

    I'm glad he found something that reminds him of home, even if he isn't so sure what/where exactly home may or may not be. And the painting is cute too.

    1. Yes, it worked amazingly well. I've limited myself to not sending him there too often.

      It does seem the only place he can get a captive audience, though. xD

  4. Your toddlers are thoroughly adorable and I actually like the combination of dark blue hair and pink skin better than if Petra had kept the blue skin :)

    It's sweet that Scarlett has found something to remind him of home, and I'm glad they're not struggling so much for money any more.

    1. It was more like I gave up on Scarlett's career for this chapter. xD He was doing so bad, compared to Greta.

  5. Aww, the babies are so cute! I love Petra's hat.

    I like how you wrote in Scarlett's "my precious" collection.