Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chapter 14: The Last Ship West

If Ray cares one way or the other that he's the only kid in his family that looks normal, there is no sign.


 Project float the duck is clear for go!

Or not.

Reggie's parents rush to the porch to help him, but he's got it under control.

 Lazy rainy days...

...remembered as good times.

 Greta soaks up the waning summer warmth, as she sketches out in the garden...

In a few more mornings, she wakes to find the chill of autumn has arrived.

 Hey, you guys, those leaves were just raked up!

Adventure. Perhaps it has been too long.

The financial situation is decent. It's time to stop renting that little apartment. The Goldbeard family buys a house across town.

They quickly add a car port... ...and put a motorcycle in it.

The new place has lots more room to play.

Plus more space for Scarlett's collection.

And a nice big kitchen.

There are three bedrooms instead of two, so the children still have to share, but the teenagers consider it an improvement to not have to sleep in the same room with their kid siblings or their mother's makeshift paint studio.

Old habits die hard. Their beds aren't bunked anymore, but Reggie still wants the one close to the ceiling.

Here's the younger kids' room.

And the other side of it.

Reggie and Rohane's room sits above the covered patio, shielding Scarlett's lasagna from the rain.

There's a covered verandah upstairs, too, accessible from the master bedroom.

Gysael thinks it's a good place to do homework.

Reggie is excited about all the new stuff there is to upgrade with magic.

Cleaning spells, fire proofing, or clog prevention? It's so hard to choose.

"Would you get your sparkles out of my game, you weirdo?" Rohane is not amused.

"They're staring at me." Gysael huddles close to her older brother Rohane on the school bus. Moving to a new house meant being assigned to a new bus route, and not all of he kids on this one are used to the blue-skinned Scarlett-spawn.

Reggie avoided this awkwardness by taking the motorcycle.

Last Ship. But which one is the last one? There are two ships there.

Greta's paintings become more and more difficult for Scarlett to comprehend.

Etc.: Several chapters worth of time ago, Greta's street art propelled her rebel level high enough to choose a new trait. I picked neurotic, since, while the sim was not that way when reaching adulthood in the legacy she originally appeared in, she's more or less written that way now. Especially now that she's getting older and her mage children are getting older and less easy to control.

I kind of miss the old house, but it was just so tiny! There would have been no room for generation 2 to take over (which will happen soon). The new house I moved the family into is one of the pre-built houses in Monte Vista. It was originally 2-bedroom, but I did some tinkering, adding a third bedroom above the kitchen, replacing the stairs, and knocking down a pointless wall or two.

BONUS: Reggie tries to prove his worthiness as heir by glitching himself on fire.

I don't know how this happened. He was doing his homework.

It went from 0% to 100% super fast, though, so my guess is this is a University Life nerd thing? He did his homework so fast it set him on fire? At least he looks as shocked about this development as me.


  1. Pfft. Yea the friction of the pencil speeding across the paper could definitely start a fire. :P

    Lovely new house! I miss Petra already lol. Doesn't seem the same without her, but I love Reggie all the same. And clog prevention? Seriously?

    Great update.

    1. Thanks, Nicky! Petra was fun, but inventor didn't suit her.

  2. The homework fire thing is some super rare glitch Mage children can have happen. I've seen it once before and figured my game must be dying, so looked it up.

    Anyway, back to the show- Lazy rainy days are the best sibling days once everyone is at an age to play games together. It's sweet to see them all playing together.

    I love seeing Reggie playing in the little kids' room after the mention of how the older kids like having a room without their younger siblings. xD Now they just need the kids' toys back in their room to make it really nice.

    1. Reggie and Rohane's room does currently have a very "we just moved in here yesterday" sort of sparse look. =P

      So the spontaneous combustion was another glitch this time? Well... I prefer that to it being a "feature", lol.

  3. Huh, I'd never seen that homework fire glitch. You seem to get a lot of fire glitches.

    I can't imagine Reggie driving a motorcycle. :p

    1. Speaking of glitches, yes, he took the motorcycle despite not knowing how to drive yet.

  4. Greta looks very peaceful sketching in the garden. I'm glad she's seems to have found some measure of peace. I liked her painting, but I was almost expecting a LOTR type deal, haha That they missed the last ship to Valinor (which is West, I believe), lol

    Witches can do their homework really fast, but as you've noticed, there is a slight chance at failing---er---I mean glitching! They'll catch on fire sometimes too, which is quite exciting, let me tell you! :P

    1. Yes, Tolkien's Undying Lands are to the west. =) I was tempted to give the painting a more heavy-handed reference name, but decided I didn't want to confuse anyone with weird implications.

  5. The new house looks really nice and I love the way you've decorated it

  6. I love the collections on things that end up in your legacy houses, the feel so real that way, that they keep some of the old and add the new.

    1. Thanks! I like the sim houses to feel lived in. :)