Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chapter 8: She Hates Puppies

It's pouring down rain, Reggie. I think you can manage faster than a leisurely pace towards the bus.

Pregnancy does not stop Greta from splashing in the rain puddles behind her house.

The newest Goldbeard is so sick of Goopy Carbonara, he won't wait for a hospital trip to get as far away from Greta's stomach as possible.

Meet Ray!

Petra is older and more mature now than when Rohane was born. So instead of scowling and waiting in a stinky room for her parents to change Ray's diaper, she gets up and does it herself.

Here is a picture of Rohane, just so we can say he appeared once in this chapter.

He and his father are really rockin' the floral vest look.

It's Saturday, so a bored Petra heads over to the spring festival to see what's up.

And what's up is rain.

She's about to leave, but then she notices her friends are here!

"Whoa Chad, your nose got HUGE!"

Honesty is important in a friendship.

The rain clears up, and Petra drags Chad out to the skate rink. "Still think this place is no-fun and lame?"

"It was until you got here," he says.

Reggie would be a little squicked if he understood the symbolic origins behind the "find the eggs" game.

Petra's friend, what's-her-face, is not interested in joining the fun.

This is Chad's first time skating.

He manages to trip both himself and Petra up.

Petra sighs. "Want to go dance instead?"

Petra is having way more fun than she thought she'd have today.

Okay, I know you and Chad are not dating, Petra, but I still think it's inappropriate for you to blatantly stare at that adult man's ass.

Reggie found all the eggs at the festival so has gone home to watch Action World when- hey, look, Scarlett's band-mate randomly decided to visit. (Her name is Paloma Giordano.)

"We're totally gonna get a radgig soon," she says.

Paloma's actual reason for visiting was to set up a playdate for her difficult daughter, Maria.

Maria has been here for 50 seconds and is already unhappy about... um... something???

Unhappy about being asked to play with that weird, blue, bookish kid maybe.

Reggie tries to be nice to his guest, but just can't seem to find a topic of mutual interest.

Every single thing he says pisses off Maria even more.


Perk up, buddy. She's not worth it.

Meanwhile, Petra rolls an impulsive wish to kiss someone.

And Chad is right there... so...

Reggie gives up on Maria. He'd rather play with the garbage.

Maria is left alone, friendless, downstairs, while her mother jams with Scarlett.

"It's just for fun!" Petra sends mixed signals to poor Chad.

"Fine," he says, but he really doesn't want to spend 5 simoleons on this thing.

"It says we're a cute couple," Petra snerks. "It obviously can't see you."

After the fun day out, Petra returns home and adds the keyboard she got for her teen birthday to the jamming.

Maria can't concentrate on her homework, with all this damn racket.

The Giordanos leave when the hour gets too late.

Reggie has a new appreciation for his happy family, when he goes to politely say goodbye to Maria only to find Paloma and Maria yelling at each other in the yard.

"Take me home immediately, Mother."

Etc.: None of this chapter was arranged. I sent the kids to the festival, but when they got there it was raining so I thought "nobody's here" and went to send them home... then suddenly Petra's buddies were there, and Petra wanted to flirt it up with Chad.

And while that's happening, Scarlett gets a call from his band-mate about a play-date, so I was like hell yeah, that'll be cute in the blog. And then Maria is this angry little ball of hate the whole time, and that was hilarious.


  1. I can't stand the random Uni moodlets that dog all townies/NPCs. My favorite so far has been adding a toddler to the household for shooting and they had the 'super juiced' and 'studied too hard' moodlets. I figure the parents were gearing the kid up for boarding school early. O_o

    Hey look! A pink boy! I hope no one pigeon holes him just because he's the color of baby girls. lol

    What an unfortunate nose for Chad! Youch. Double youch at Petra dissing his looks over and over. Though she's got that honesty thing down pat for sure.

    Here's hoping Marie isn't the only child Reggie's age in town. Oh! I'd forgotten! Umbrella girl at the festival! Yay that Marie isn't the only option!

    1. I couldn't remember that kid's name, so when it came time to write her into the blog, it was between ponytail girl, umbrella girl, and what's-her-face.

  2. I laughed way more than I should have at the "take me home, mother" line. Its just a normal sentence and I was trying not to laugh too loudly.

    Gasp! Its a pink boy?! What?! Wow, it is actually possible. I kinda hope the next one is a blue girl, it seems to be the only one that's missing. so far.

    Petra you tease ;) and Chad does have quite an ugly nose... Maybe if they do go all the way and have kids, they'll get Petra's nose :)

    1. I'll let story progression decide what happens to Petra's love life, hehe.

      I hope the last kid is a girl because Greta has had the "have a girl" wish locked in since she was pregnant with Reggie.

  3. Oh goodness, Chad truly does have a horrible nose. But Petra is pretty cute--I like her hair. I love how she's simultaneously bitchy to Chad and yet not at all picky. Good for her. XD

    Ugh, I hate when children come to my sims' houses because they're inevitably horrible. Like, just be cool, kids.

    1. Chad should run while he still can, huh? xD

  4. Oh my God, I am so happy to have discovered more stories by you!