Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chapter 3: Shit That'll Turn You White

Scarlett discovers a crappy-looking makeshift arcade above the town's pizza parlor, and at this hour he has it all to himself.

Ooh, lucky. With claw machine skills like these, maybe buying toys for his kid won't be such a problem.

A wild gnome of the darned appears.

That night, a ghost haunts the Goldbeard house.

"I'm too tired to deal with this," Scarlett sighs.

So, great, Scarlett, leave your pregnant wife to handle it the next morning...

Greta introduces herself as "knowledgeable about spirit realm matters", hoping to help the ghost move on.

Because it's rather improper to haunt a stranger's home.

"Hey, whatcha doin'?"

Scarlett came to the Worries and Woes Country Pub to busk, but as soon as he got there he wasn't in the mood anymore. "Contemplating the hollowness of life."

"Umm... okay, mister. Have fun."

Busking was a bust today, so it's off to the library to read parenting books.

Scarlett doesn't remember his father's name or how to contact him, but he remembers enough to know he doesn't want to be like that guy. That guy liked to set stuff on fire.

? ? ?

Greta dreams about playing with her baby.

Scarlett worries more about feeding it.

 Who was she?

Why did she seem familiar?

Scarlett kicks the blankets off of him and wakes in a cold, violent sweat.

"My fault," Greta mumbles in her sleep. Scarlett frowns at her.

As soon as dawn breaks, Scarlett escapes the house and heads to a new park.

Shockingly, Greta goes with him (to spray paint protection runes onto the sidewalk near him... great).

But it turns out for that best, since she goes into labor during her sudden "beautify the walls" project and needs help getting to the hospital.

Yes, Scarlett, it IS horrible.

Late in the day, the Goldbeards are cleared to go home with their weird, blue baby girl.

Greta couldn't come up with a name, so Scarlett has been calling the baby "Petra".

The second they get home, Petra somehow ends up on the floor, and some random-ass ghost picks her up. From this moment on, Petra's skin is scared white.

Scarlett stares in shock. "What do you want ME to do about it, Greta? You're the one who can commune with spirits."

The ghost is unmoved by Scarlett's pleas to unhand his daughter.

So while Greta deals with that, Scarlett has a flash of intuition about the source of these hauntings.

You've betrayed this family for the last time, gnome.

It's curtains for you.

With the great haunting crisis hopefully over, Scarlett goes back in the house to get the laundry, and finds a laundry gnome waiting for him.

"I saw what you did," it hisses.

Etc.: As much as I wanted to keep the gnome of the darned around, ghosts kept spawning on the lot and it was driving me crazy. *single tear*

And... wow. I've had a lot of glitches in my game, but if I've ever had a baby change colors before, it was not enough of a change to notice. Petra is a child in my game now and still white.

My boyfriend is STILL laughing and quoting Ghostbusters about it.


  1. Not goanna lie, I thought you'd changed Petra on purpose because you didn't want a blue heir or something. I was so excited because I was going to ask how you did that cause my dumbbutt Alien baby didn't come out green!

    Still, thats a weird glitch. I look forward to seeing toddler Petra, and how Greta is passing her nightmares to Scarlett (or what is really happening there).

    1. Heh, sorry to disappoint. =P

      Maybe your alien baby could slowly turn green as it ages? Or spontaneously. Overnight. Like Paz's hair.

      Anyway... it seems there is some psychic connection between Greta and Scarlett, but it's true it's unclear which one is doing the projecting and which one is doing the receiving.

  2. Cleaning coffee out of my keyboard while my husband opines about how he and our son need to watch Ghostbusters, like Right Now, and how there is no Dana only Zuul. That's how you're supposed to wake up. Oh my.

    Oh Greta. You probably just saved yourself from having the popo come get you for painting tube tv's on their walls. So baby saved the day really. Greta just doesn't know it yet.

  3. HAHAHA poor Petra. I wonder if the sudden skin color change hurt. I never had a ghost of the darned before so I was really baffled as to why all those ghosts were showing up.

    1. It's my first GOTD too, so I was confused. I looked around the house for urns the first time it happened.

      The third time a ghost showed up, I had an epiphany about the GOTD causing it.

      The ghosts were just really really annoying. They'd hang around the house for upwards of 20 hours, reading books and stealing food from the fridge. >.<

  4. How did you get the Ghost of the Darned so easy? I had a spare playing the arcade machine over and over and over again, still none of that gnome... Maybe one day though *inspirational music*
    And the laundry one too?! My suspicions though is that it's evil, or maybe just angry that Scarlett killed it's relative.

    It is a very odd glitch to have... At least, I hope it was a glitch and not somehow the ghost's whiteness passing off onto Petra. Wait, can ghosts even do that?

    I laughed more than I should at the title.

    1. It was my first Gnome of the Darned (I think, anyway), and Scarlett's second go at the claw machine. Scarlett is just cursed I guess. ;D

      I think the color-changing baby is just a glitch, myself.

  5. Eek! How did you just manage to make a teddy bear gnome sinister? lol Now I've got visions of Teddy Ruxpin running in my head. That will probably date me, but that was one scary bear! haha

    Do you have NRaas SP? If so, that is the reason for the skin changing baby. It takes SP a moment to generate it's genetic stuff, so basically, what first comes out is EA---and then SP applies your genetic settings. If you don't have NRaas SP, I'd go with game glitch too, lol

    Petra is a cool name. Is she named after the band? Her Dad is a busker...

    1. Oh! Yes, I do use NRaas. So that must be what happened.

      Petra is named for Scarlett's cousin, whom he was close to. It's Greek for "rock", basically, and is where we get cool works like "petrified".

    2. ...I'm still gonna blame the ghost, if that's OK.

    3. Definitely! That is a much cooler explanation, lol :P

  6. I love the concept of the ghost turning little Petra white (even if it was a game glitch of some sort), and I'm rather creeped out by the laundry gnome's response to Scarlett getting rid of the gnome of the darned...

    Those dreams are interesting, I can't wait to find out why Eris seems familiar and why Greta thinks she's responsible.

    1. If we are very lucky and plug our ears, maybe Scarlett won't hear gnomes talking again. ;D

  7. Evenfall was a white baby at first, and then she turned blue. It was weird.