Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chapter 2: Cookie Damage

Monte Vista has no laundromat, so the first thing Scarlett buys with his busking profits is a washing machine and dryer. The Goldbeards are tired and hungry, and apparently Greta has been going crazy and writing on the wall, but there is much rejoicing over the laundry machines!

"Maybe you can also buy something else to wear besides that filthy hobo coat now?"

"One thing at a time, love."

The blackened waffles were so bad, the couple have not used the oven again, and subsist on salad and yogurt.

Greta the Housebound takes up painting.

While Scarlett familiarizes himself with Monte Vista and its people.

Every day, he plays guitar in a different place.

"A blue guy on guitar? The Tourism Attraction Committee is getting desperate again." Gino Ferrari can't match a shirt and pants, but he can still lay on the sick burns.

Harvey Dent makes an appearance.

Monte Vista has plenty of scenic places to stop and consider the hollowness of life.

Or a wife who's too terrified to go outside.

But it's either pick himself up and get back to work, or fail to pay the bills and get evicted, so... Scarlett hopes his long hours busking will be appreciated instead of resented.

Today, some lady decides she's going to improve his act with a set of drums.

Scarlett is hesitant when she wants him to join her band.

"You have talent and you look stupidrad," she says. "We could make so much gimmicked simoleons."

After some coaxing, Scarlett agrees to join up with her band, Cookie Damage.

He wonders what he's gotten himself into.

This town celebrates Leisure Day, so Scarlett gets into the spirit by wearing his sleepwear to their festival. Doctor Erika Lin and her cat show up to heckle.

Perhaps she's popping too much Vicodin to notice her dislocated arm.

When the law shows up, Scarlett worries he's in trouble.

Luckily the cop just wants to throw him some money.

Later, Scarlett changes into some pirate clothes (perfectly normal in the town he grew up in, but not so much for Monte Vista), and joins in the Leisure Day games.

Y... M... C... A...

Scarlett may not be home very much, but he finds out he has not been neglecting his wife enough for her to not be totally preggers.

Scarlett is family oriented, so doesn't react to the news with as much panic as should be expected from a man barely able to pay rent. Most of his mental energy is therefore funneled into consoling Greta.

Etc.: I've had busker sims before, but never when the legacy family was dirt poor, so I'm just now realizing how terrible it is. Seasons has added another layer of terrible, since if Scarlett is busking outside and manages to attract a tipper, Murphy's Law dictates that it WILL start raining. And then the meal ticket will run away.

Meanwhile Greta's career as an artist means she's tied to that easel, and I feel guilty about that, but I have my eye set on a much nicer house for them, so I'd rather have the money than give her a life.

Scarlett and Greta both rolled wishes to have a child, so I let them. They need a total of 5.


  1. Busker seems really hard first gen, but art can be pretty lucrative.

    This line made me laugh a lot: "Gino Ferrari can't match a shirt and pants, but he can still lay on the sick burns." Like, uncontrollably. ^^;;

    I love the name Cookie Damage!

    1. Thanks!

      I was worried about the simoleons at first, but once Greta started pulling in more, I calmed down and rarely even send Scarlett to do his job anymore.

      I can't take credit for Cookie Damage. It was what the game RNG came up with, heh. I remember Melissa used to get some really epic band names. I just took the first one that popped up.

  2. One tip for buskers, the subway is an amazing place to roll in the simoleons. From one fellow busker starter to another. In the subway, she made a lot of money, but I only used it when I was really desperate to.

    Who needs matching/sensible clothes when you have good facial hair/a guitar? However when you get heckled by even a cat, that's often a sign that its just too bizarre when a cat is judging you or when someone is too busy booing you to realize their arm is dislocated. Maybe Scarlett should practice a little bit more, then feline fans won't judge him :)

    I can't wait to see their half blue baby though :3 hopefully they'll be able to afford it (and four other kids)

  3. I hope Greta can get over her fear enough to leave the house soon, especially once their child is born. I love the random band name, although I'm somewhat disturbed by the fact that Scarlett's new bandmate appears to be talking about death when convincing him to join her band...

  4. I'm with Scarlett, when Band chick is talking about death, that's a certainly a sign from the universe that the band is destined to die. Have you had any gigs pop up yet?

    Harvey Dent!

    I love how everyone in Monte Vista wears sunglasses all the time. Always makes me wonder who the Corey Hart fan is in town. Either that or they're absolutely all mob related and are trying to avoid suspicion. Perhaps that's what Scarlett ought to do to blend in with the populace better. ;) (j/k)

    1. I know, right!? I noticed the rampant sunglasses too.

    2. And no, no gigs yet. I don't have very many venues in my town though. I think only one or two has the setup for gigs.

  5. Holy mother of plumbobs. Busking in the subway did rake in the simoleons. o.o Scarlett spent a day there, and made nearly 7,000 (he's at guitar skill 10 already, if that made a difference). Just think how much he could have made if he could grow facial hair...

  6. Harvey Dent needs new shades, his are broken, lol That is one thing that I disliked about Monte Vista (and Sunlit Tides, and Isla Para whatever place) is all the sunglasses, it bugged me that I couldn't see their eyes. That and they cover up half their face and it was harder to tell if they were ugly or not, lol

    Y.M.C.A. *chuckles* Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head.

    Yay for baby! They're getting started on the family early, but with all those kids to have that makes sense. A big difference from the amount of kids you had in your last legacy! I can't wait to see what baby looks like! =)

    1. By generation 3, everyone wearing sunglasses will probably be dead, so I'm not much worried about it.

      I was going to post lyrics for another Village People song under the cop there, but my boyfriend thought it looked too much like he was making the "A". So. Yep.

      And 5 kids... yeah... that's more than my other legacy's first and second generation crop combined.

  7. Ooh, tough career rolls for a first gen. Fun!
    I never had to deal with busking in the rain, but I remember Carey Burden busking all day for little profit.
    I love the band name. =)

    1. Melissaaa! =D *hugs*

      Someone pointed out later that I could send Scarlett into a subway to play for tips. I shamelessly did that a few times, since I got pretty impatient to have monies, heh... ^.^