Monday, June 9, 2014

Chapter 5: Homesick

What the bitch, Reggie. Your bars are all green. Why are you screaming.

Scarlett brings Petra with him to see a free show at the thea-- what have you done to your hair, Scarlett!

Greta is pretty sure she and her husband lived out of tiny suitcases for a long time, so his sudden willingness to start hoarding cheap beach-themed junk is causing her to worry for the state of his mental health.

Not that she has much room to judge.

"Who's there?!"

Just the wind, Greta.

The house is looking better with more color... but brown/green all over the toilet was not the look they were going for.

Stop it, Scarlett. You promised yourself you wouldn't be a horrible father.

NOW what are you doing?


Petra ages up.

"I get to go to school today," she tells Reggie. "You have to stay home and be bored."

Unfortunately, Petra's first day of school is canceled due to heavy snow.

Greta tries to console her daughter by going outside and playing the "snowball fight" game.

Petra is bowled over by a single snowball.

Greta's mother was pretty lightweight, too, she remembers.

The community gardens has a winter celebration festival set up, but it's snowing so hard, only the Goldbeard family ventures there today. (And that's how Greta prefers it.)

Holy shit, kid, catching that much air at your age has got to be illegal.

It's fine to leave Reggie waist deep in the snow. He already has cartoonish, deathly blue skin.

"Dad, watch this!"

After snowboarding and skating, and refusing to buy overpriced food, the festival grounds seem kind of boring so the family goes home. Greta rushes inside to warm up, while Scarlett and Petra build a snowman in the front yard.

"It never snowed where I grew up," he tells her. "In fact, there wasn't weather in my sector at all."

"That's so weird, Dad."

You can't tell from this picture, but the family is watching Cookin' Cable together. Probably because Petra is sick of all the yogurt and salad.

The telly is hanging on the wall they are facing.

Sometime after midnight, Petra sneaks downstairs for a snack, and finds her mother shooting magic at the oven.

"What the eff, Mom?!"

"I'm casting an enchantment on it," Greta explains. "So it won't be able to burn the house down."

This wasn't the time or place Greta planned to tell her daughter about magic, but this is the time and place it is happening.

Petra listens to her mother talk about being a mage and a half-elf or something, and about being certain she was going on a quest of some kind, perhaps a very important one, only she's forgotten where she was going and...

"Mom, this is the worst bedtime story ever."

Etc.: Greta, if you are part elf, where are your pointy ears? Seriously.


  1. Petra looks so pretty <3 How do you keep having pretty sims? Or did you sign a contract with the satin of EA?

    All elves need pointy ears. No pointy ears, not elvish enough for me. Hmph.
    Sorry, I feel quite strongly about that.

    Toddlers scream at anything. I once had this toddler who screamed at everything. At the end, I found myself yelling at my computer screen because she was crying all the time.

    1. They shut up for a while if you put a toy in their inventory and instruct them to play with it.

      The constantly "ooh! ahh!" noises when they play with toys gets repetitive, too, but at least it doesn't cause other sims to flip out.

  2. lol--Greta is worried about Scarlett hoarding beach-themed stuff and there she is painting something beachy. You're an enabler, Greta!

    Are either of the kiddos magical like Greta?

    1. Reggie has the witch hidden trait. Petra does not. (:

      And I added the painting to the collection, haha.

  3. Petra is cute, I love her reaction to her mother telling her about magic :)

    1. Petra seems to think it's all a big prank!

      Parents play pranks on their kids all the time, right? 0.o

  4. I tweaked some game file to stop the random toddler crying. Too many toddlers like Reggie.

    Scarlet's new hair is awesome. And I had no idea you could play with the piles of leaves when they were snow covered.

    You never get to tell your kids what they ought to know when you plan on it. Greta might as well get used to that.

    1. I like that hair with Scarlett's face too. It's the same hair I gave his father:


  5. I love how all the beach-themed stuff is piling up in the house.

    You need to keep an eye on Petra with those snowboarding and ice skating skills.

    Ha, I can only imagine Greta rambling on at the end there, and none of it making any sense to Petra.

    1. Thanks! And yes, that is exactly what happened at the end there. =P

  6. I love your beach collection. =)

    1. I loved it too. :) Especially in the beginning, when it was that super simple shelf. Had a certain near-tacky charm.